Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Registered!!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday everyone!

OMGosh. I am so beyond EXCITED right now that I can't hardly stand it!!!

Guess what I did this morning?! Like you can't tell, right?! ;-)


We have been talking about it for quite a while, and I knew last year that I wanted to run it this year. But then with my surgery a month ago, and the kids in school, and finances I had all but given up on it happening this year. But recently we started talking about it again and decided that we could go THIS YEAR!

We are going to take a little over a week and make it a family vacation and enjoy every single second. If there is one thing this last year and a half has taught us, it's to seize the moment and take every opportunity you have to enjoy your family and make memories. We could wait until things are smoother and more certain, but why? We have the opportunity right now to make a week full of Disney memories and we are going to TAKE IT!

The kids were so excited when we told them this morning. It was precious to see Katie's eyes light up at the idea that she is going to get to meet her favorite princesses...and the boys' excitement at doing Disney again now that they are older (and that they get to miss a week of school!).

So the countdown is officially on: 47d :12hr :18min :56sec (as of right NOW!)

Praise God for every single step I take, especially Princess-Style!

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