New Do!

Hey friends;-)

Hellloooo middle of the week!! It's all downhill from here, we are inching closer and closer to the weekend every minute! Hallelujah!

I started my day off around 5am with a close eye on the upcoming weather...and guess what we see: SNOW! Possibly LOTS of snow! And I'm not sure how I feel about it;-) Part of me LOVES the snowed-in feeling, here with my kids all snuggly and watching movies, relaxing and sleeping in...ahhhhh. The other part of me was enjoying the near 60* highs from last week and being able to run outside and not wear a coat everywhere. So, I'm torn. So whatever mother nature gives us, I'll deal. Like I really have a choice, right?!

I ran 5 miles this morning and after my shower I decided to play around with my hair. I discovered that it's finally long enough to do this:

Yes, it's pulled up and in bobbypins!!! I'm not sure how much I like the overall look, but I was kinda excited to do something different for a change. I'm finally getting OPTIONS! I started out trying to get it straight in the back, but I just couldn't get it to look right, or it may be the fact that I am curling iron and straightener challenged, especially when I can't see the back of my head. I was also afraid of burning my own fingers...I've been doing that occasionally because my hair is still a little short and I'm just not used to that! But I have no doubt that as my hair continues to grow that I will experiment more and more:-)

Anyway as everyone braces for our winter weather, I get to make a trip to STL tomorrow. It's my 6-week post-op checkup. It's actually been 7 weeks today but I couldn't make it last week. So after a 1pm appt, it looks like it will be a race to get back home before the snow starts. Awesome.

As for the rest of today, I'm going to do some laundry, figure out what's for dinner, and head to the grocery store like the rest of the people in the area to stock up on "necessities." Hmmmm, is ice cream considered a necessity?? I think so;-)

Have a great Wednesday, friends.



your hair is soo cute! love it!
Your hair looks great! Safe travels, we have snow coming here too, everyone is already freaking out, ha ha.
selah said…
I think it is cute! And the back is absolutely gorgeous...those are amazing curls! I've been trying for options too...some work out better than others! Have a safe trip tomorrow! Love, D

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