Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom!

Well we weren't really belated in celebrating my Mom's birthday, but I AM belated in posting it!

My Mom couldn't hide from the camera on her birthday, we were insistent on taking some pics! She is fresh off her eyelid surgery and can't wear makeup or anything for a month or something, but I think she looks great...and always looks beautiful:-)

My Mama is a new year's baby, celebrating her birthday on January 1. Her birthday sometimes gets juggled around with all the other Christmas season-stuff that goes on, but we always make sure and celebrate with a dinner at home (since everything is closed on NYD). My dad mans the grill and cooks up delicious food, usually steaks. Thanks, Dad for grilling me some fish this year since I don't do the whole red-meat thing;-) My sisters and I prepared all the sides for the rest of the meal: broccoli and rice casserole, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, a big salad, and rolls. And of course birthday cake and ice cream! We had a great dinner, but even better was the time we spent together. We missed my little brother, Matt, though...he headed out to see Mason and Charli.

Our impromptu photo session caught us all being silly! Mom had all these aprons in her kitchen so we were acting goofy by wearing them and posing for pictures! I looked like a total pioneer woman, I don't know what's up with that?! Then there's Layne in the plaid apron who just delivered precious Caleb and Jessica who is 9 months pregnant and may pop at any moment! And me fresh off my hysterectomy...we are quite a group! My poor Mother deserves MUCH MORE than a party after dealing with everything from raging hormones to no hormones all at once! Hehe;-)


This morning I continued my Pray 7x7. I told the kids what I was doing this morning and was showing them my notecards. I was expecting something like eye-rolling and whatever from them (especially the boys) but I got a "Oh neat!" and a "That's cool!" They really liked that I put their names in to each prayer. I told them as we were going to school that I would be saying another prayer for them at lunch and Katie said "Will you pray for me at ten o'clock?" (Kindergarten eats lunch at 1030am...I know, right?!) I said of course! Then Zachary said "Will you say another one for Tyler and me at 11:15?" (when they eat lunch). Yep, that one little request got me right in the heart. Bless their precious hearts. I was so excited to say "Yes" to their request. Oh I am just bursting as I type this :-D

My house was so quiet when I got back home this morning. I fixed that for a little while by cranking my Worship Jamz and busting out 5.5 miles on the TM. Any hopes of an outside run are done for quite was SIX DEGREES this morning!!! Crazy. I've said it before, I am a very picky outdoor runner...too hot or too cold and I'm on my friendly TM. And single digits is def TOO COLD! That's just how I roll.

Jack and I have done mucho office work today and I think my desk is mostly ready for a new year. Now if only I had made so much progress in my laundry room and in Katie's room. I think Christmas exploded in Katie's room...sigh... When will she be old enough that I can say "Go clean your room and don't come down until it's clean!" I mean, she is only 6...seems a little harsh right now. Or maybe she's just the baby yeah, that's probably it;-)

I'm off to get things around before I go get my little ones from school. And I need to go to the store to get something for dinner. I'm thinking Dorito Chicken, maybe.

Oh BTW- I just noticed that this is my THREE-HUNDREDTH POST! Cool! I like even numbers;-)


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Anonymous said...

Your weather sounds like ours, brrrr! It is too cold you are right. Happy B-day to your Mom and congrats on the 300th post, that is awesome!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebration :)

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