Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey guys.

"WINTER WEATHER WARNING" - This is what is plastered all over the tv and my inbox today. But I guess the estimates are still a bit scattered because this morning the weatherman was saying anywhere from 2-9" yeah, that's quite a range! So we will see. It's supposed to start overnight tonight. I'm already predicting no school for tomorrow;-) I bet the kids at school are all hyper today!

I was supposed to go to STL this morning for my 6 week checkup with my ob/gyn but with the impending weather, I decided to call her yesterday afternoon and see what she thought. I don't know if I've said this before, but She told me definitely not to come up today with the weather looking so icky and if I'm running 11 miles at a time, them I am FINE! There is really no sense in driving up today for us to have a little "How are you feeling?" conversation. Yay! So I am going to see her in a month or so, when I am there for something else and not make a special trip so I can start my regular well woman exams. And all restrictions are lifted. So yay!

Also yesterday during our conversation in asking how I was doing I mentioned going to bed with ice packs (which I have been doing for the last week or so) for my hot flashes.

AKA-my broken thermostat.

She said "Oh no, honey, you don't have to do that." She then proceeded to tell me about a medicine that is made, basically, for breast cancer patients that can have no hormones and such that is completely safe for me to take. It will help with my hot flashes and also the ...ahem...mood swings, that I've been told are almost like clockwork every evening;-) I AM more uncomfortable in the evenings, so it makes sense that that is when I would be more cranky. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS WORKING! I can't even tell you. I know she said I wouldn't see relief right away, but I am giddy with the upcoming possibility that it COULD.

Ahhhh, relief is in my future...and my family's...Ha!

So I'm going to take care of the little princess who is home with me today because of her cough and congestion, and last night she spiked a little fever so I kept her at home today. Currently she is propped up on my bed snacking on dry cereal and watching Disney channel...poor baby;-)

Have a great day y'all!



Sara said...

Honey...I think due to the last few years you've deserve some mood you go get that emotion on with your bad self! Thanks for you comments. I feel a lot better about it and keep laughing.

By the way...I can't get your blog to load right. I think your background dropped out :( What's the dealio with that?

How are you? How are you feeling?? I need to talk to you about running again. I was doing really well (well really well for me) last summer before I had to have the surgery, but I want to get into it again and I don't know how to train and build up my :( I was doing an 11 minute mile last that horrible??

Hope all is well! You are loved and prayed for sister!

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Glad to hear all the good news. Your doctor sounds awesome!

How much snow did ya get? They are telling us anywhere from 1-10, how's that for vague? ha ha. They should just say "We have no idea!"

Take care Erica, have a good weekend!

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