Monday, October 27, 2008

Working Monday

I am having a great Monday! I got up this morning and got my boys off to school, Katie was snuggled on the couch watching Dora, and I went downstairs to hop on the treadmill FOR A RUN!! I ran 3 miles before I needed a break! I stopped to turn on my praise and worship music and check on Katie then I hopped back on and ran another 1/2 mile, then walked a 1/2 mile. It.felt.amazing. 4 miles of mind/body/soul therapy! I did notice, however, that my incision, which is on the lower side, was a little more bruised afterwards this morning, but I guess that's ok. Probably just associated with the bouncing, even though I had two sports bras on. But I will be mindful to take it very slow and easy.

It is COLD here today! Now, I know I waited and waited for fall weather so I'm not going to complain, but today the temp at noon was 49! Geez! But it does feel nice. I have spent the majority of my day totally immersed in my week 4 Bible study. See, even my lunch was eaten at my dining room table with my computer! My, how I love Beth Moore! God is totally using her as a tool to reach women everywhere about faith, believing, and God's unfailing love. I am so thankful to be a child of God and so thankful that He is always there and that He loves me. I am so unworthy of His unfailing love, yet I know He doesn't see me that way and I am so thankful! Praise Jesus!

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 16:8)

We have to go the STL tomorrow to meet with the Radiation Oncologist. It is a consult appointment and I'm assuming she will be going over with us the exact course of treatment for radiation when chemo ends. I also have to have a baseline echo cardiogram tomorrow. The Herceptin that I will be taking for a year has a small percent chance that it could damage the heart muscle or Dr. P wanted to get a baseline echo in case we need to compare them later. Be in prayer that my heart won't be beating a million miles a minute while we do the test! Talk about a wacked out reading; they certainly won't be getting an accurate resting heart rate! Ha!

In just a few minutes, Katie and I will be making our daily trek to the school to pick up Zachary; Tyler has basketball practice today. We are getting our flu shots today, too. Ugh, that may ruin Katie's afternoon. Then it's haircuts for the boys...maybe me! I'm thinking about getting a lot of my hair cut this week. I thought I would go short (for me) this week, then very short next week. Kind of a gradual thing before I shave it. It's so long, and I've pretty much always had it long, so I'm actually kind of excited about cutting it. I'm so curious to see what I would look like with short hair! Now seems to be the perfect time to experiment! I don't know if I'll do it today, or just look at Lacey's books, but we'll see! Have a great rest of your afternoon, all!

God Bless!


VeggieGirl said...

Sooo glad that your Monday is going well!! :0)

Sharon said...

The spirit within you is visible for all of us to see. Praise Jesus! We are the salt of the Earth.
I wanted to give you my experience with my hair. My hair was as long as yours, forever. I wasn't ready to cut it until 12 days after the first treatment, Reality sunk in and I finally accepted that it wouldn't last until day 21(2nd treatment). I cut it as short as my husbands(ex. Posh) and I LOVED IT(for about 7 days). There is no right time. You'll know when.

Melissa May said...

Saw your comment on the LPM blog - and I hopped over, not b/c of your cancer (though that is a fight I CANNOT imagine going through, especially with young kids!!!) but b/c you mentioned you're doing the Believing God study online right now. I am too! But I think you're going to pass me up... I just watched the week 5 video and I'm getting through all the homework sort of slowly. You can look at my blog to see why, but in short, we adopted a little toddler from Thailand 2 months ago and life with 3 kids is (as you know) hectic! The timing of starting the study for me was such a divine intervention - it was the month before we travelled to get our little boy and God was challenging me in a huge way to BELIEVE HIM that He was leading us and with us and going to carry us through the preparations and whatever came with after. And He, like always, HAS! : ) I love the study, too and was really blown away by week 5's video. Really speaking to me. So anyway, just wanted to say hi and pray that God continues to carry you and your family through all the treatments and beyond. And maybe I'll pop over again to see how you're doing and we can compare notes... : )

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