Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good News and Less-Than-Good News

Ugh..... Let me just start off with that! So the surgeon called yesterday, and we have a good news, less-than-good news situation. I am focusing on the positive so I am not going to say "bad news" because the overall news was GOOD. The good news, only 3 of the 6 lymph nodes she removed in surgery last Wed. came back positive. Yay! That is really the best news ever, because if they had all come back positive we would be looking for more affected areas. So *sigh* of relief. But, where she did the "clean up" from the very first procedure, to get clean margins around the cavity, wasn't completely clean. It was all good except for 4mm (ugh so tiny!) on the lower margin. So 4mm wide of the whole perimeter she took out showed cancer cells. So that requires another surgery to go back in and clean out a little further down to ensure she gets it all. I couldn't believe it when she told me that yesterday! I was like, "what??" She said there is no way to test in the OR with breast tissue because it has to be frozen and placed in a special solution and it takes like 48 hrs or something. So, we are keeping the appt with her on the 17th as planned for her to take out the drain under my arm and then we will set it up for the next week to do the clean up procedure. It will at least be same day, and I shouldn't even have to be stuck for anything either since I have this handy-dandy port she put in during the last surgery. I am focusing on the positive! I would much rather have this result than the opposite. She said she would normally recommend a mastectomy at this point to a patient, but she doesn't think so in my case because she has the mri results and what is there is so minimal with no other abnormalities in the rest of the breast. It is kind of in a tricky location, and we knew that going in. Where the lump was, was right where the underwire of a bra lays. Right in the crease. So, like she said, we are almost out of breast tissue in that area. So, one more time we will go in and clean it out. I plan on telling her, "take as far as you need, do whatever you have to, to get it all this time." I am ready to have this step over!

Also on the 17th, we are meeting with the oncologist who will set up the chemo and take care of me during treatments. So we will have a busy day in the city. Maybe that day we can make a trip out to Whole Foods!

My sister and Ethan are still here and I am so glad! They are staying at my mom and dad's and they will be here this morning to hang with me today. He is at the age where he is discovering everything...thanks to my handsome perfect nephew, my house is now baby-proofed! It works out perfect! Although, I think I did hear my sister say something about a "pen" yesterday, and Katie mentioned a "cage." Lol! I LOVE having them here and I hope they can stay awhile.

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VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, hang in there!!

Hooray for an upcoming trip to Whole Foods, and for your family still being with you!! Focus on the good stuff, Erica, for sure!!

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