Saturday, April 2, 2011

8 Days and Counting

“Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running.”~Kara Goucher

Hellllooooo Saturday!

It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL here today! Sun Plenty of sunshine and temps in the 70s…AHHHHHHHH!!  Glorious!  It is the perfect day to head out for a run…

…Oh, wait, it’s taper week.  GAH!  I strongly dislike tapering. Annoyed

But I guess it’s ok because that means that it’s only 8 DAYS UNTIL MY MARATHON!!!!  Eeeeekkkkk!!!  I am SO excited!  I am feeling confident, and strong, and best of all, prepared.<--Something I did not necessarily have before my first marathon, back in Kansas City, since I was actually registered for the half and all.  So while I am not enjoying taking it easy this week, I AM very much enjoying feeling READY for my SECOND MARATHON. 

Bring it.

But it’s not like I don’t have the usual-crazy week this next week to keep me busy.  Baseball games, a speaking engagement, and a TV interview all has to go on before I can RUN.  A TV interview, what?  TeeheeWinking smile 


Yep, on Tuesday night the hubby and I will be traveling to STL to do 530-7am interviews on Wednesday morning with one of my doctors on behalf of the Siteman/News Channel 5 team for the Komen Race for the Cure!  I was so excited when she called me today to ask if I would do it with her.  I thought about it for about .2 seconds before saying “YES!”  We will be promoting the Race for the Cure and encouraging people to join the Siteman team.  Yay!

I am getting ready to go watch some Bulldog baseball this evening, we are having a weekend of wood bat league games and we play tonight at 8pm.  Hopefully after tonight we will be 6-0!!!  Go Dawgs!

Have a good evening, guys Smile


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