Thursday, April 7, 2011

Join Our Team!

Hey there!  I know my blogging has been a little hit and miss lately, and I apologize, there is just a lot going on! 

Probably the most exciting thing of my week happened yesterday.  The fam and I went to STL to do the KSDK News Channel 5 interviews and promotions for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that is on June 11.  (EXCITED!!!)   


We got to our hotel at 1045pm, and had to be at the television studio by 5am…which means not much sleep because we had to be up at 345am to get everybody ready.  Surprisingly, it went very smoothly even though we had to wake Tyler up first because he had taken pillows and blankets and went to sleep in the bathtub because he said his dad was snoring too loudly!  Oh, we are still laughing about that one!  He actually said it was pretty comfortable!  Haha!  The kids must have been excited, because they didn’t give us any grief about getting up SO EARLY.  Although as we were driving downtown Katie said, “It’s so dark it looks like the middle of the night!”  That it did.


We met with our wonderful Siteman and Barnes-Jewish friends, and donned our new Siteman/KSDK Race for the Cure t-shirts.  Love them!  And then we were doing interviews before we knew it!  I did one, and Julie, my doctor did one also.  She is amazing.  God blessed her with a special gift, for sure. 

It.was.awesome.  I had some people telling me that they didn’t know how I did that sort of interview live and off-the-cuff, not knowing what questions they were going to ask and whatever…but I find it very easy to talk about something that I am so passionate about.

Afterwards we went into the news studio during a commercial break to take a quick group picture:


If you can see Katie there on the end, you can see that she had no problem hopping up into another anchor chair.  Afterwards at breakfast with everybody, she was signing autographs…signing them

“Katie Griffin
on the news Star

I fear we may have created a monster. Winking smile

It was a great day, and a great experience.  Jack and the kids also got to take an impromptu tour of the whole studio and even got to watch them shooting the live broadcast, and Katie’s favorite – the weather.  The boys said they had a great time and it was really neat to see all the action. 

So…one trip to STL down for the week, two more to go!

Now, bring on the marathon! Potential icky weather and all!  Pray with me for no rain and storms, please!

Love you guys. Red heart God bless!


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