Thursday, April 28, 2011

Receding Waters and Prayers for the South

So you have probably figured that I did NOT get into the New York City Marathon due to my lack of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday.  You would be correct.  After searching for my name, I came up with this:

But it’s ok…really.  I mean, yes, it would have been super cool to run the NYC marathon but I’m not devastated.  There is actually another marathon that I have my eyes set on for October, and doing both would not have been possible.  So now I am switching my focus to this:

This is the first year for the Rock ‘n’ Roll series in St. Louis, so that would be awesome!  My sister, Layne, has talked about running another half this fall so this would be another great one for us to do together!  Think I can talk her into doing the full??  Heehee, time will tell Winking smile

I have good news to share regarding our river and flood stages THEY ARE GOING DOWN!! 









And I have an updated cabin picture to prove it! cabinflood

WooHoo! Thank You, LORD!!! It still has a way to go, but the more of those concrete pillars we can see, the better!  Thank you for your prayers! And we have SUNSHINE TODAY!!! Check that out!Sun

Despite the beautiful sunshine that is shining today, my outside running is still curtailed due to the high water.  Boo.  It was so pretty and cool this morning!  So I got another 10-miler in on my parents’ treadmill…I am so thankful that they have such a nice one for me to use.  I like to listen to The Gayle King Show on OprahXM during my treadmill runs; it makes the time pass much quicker.

As we are celebrating our receding floodwaters, I know that many are hurting due to the devastation of the severe weather in the South.  My heart breaks for those all across several states who have lost friends and family members, homes, belongings, and their sense of security.  My prayer for them is to remember Who our Security truly is, and He is also our Comforter, our Protector, and our source of Peace and Strength.  I am praying that He will heap all these things on their heads as they now begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.




Be safe, hug your family, and feel your boobies.


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