Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A little pre-Eastering took place over the past weekend at my parents’ house!  ALL of us sisters, brother, spouses, and kids had a fabulous Easter gathering [albeit a little early] and managed to turn my mom and dad’s house into a three-ring circus for 3 whole days!

It was marvelous.

There is nothing my mom says she likes any better than to have all of us kids home, and with everyone’s crazy schedules it doesn’t happen often enough…so we soaked up every single moment we had together!


All seven of my parents’ grandchildren together.


And here is what it takes to get a semi-perfect picture…yes, just call us paparazzi.  And I know we looked like total goofs out there, my hubby got quite the kick out of it. Winking smile


Me and the hubby.


And our perfect family. Red heart


Then I decided that I would embark on trying to get a good picture of my kids.  I was reminded that this is not the easiest thing in the world.


Thankfully somewhere in the middle of a dozen pictures, this one gem with all of them looking at the camera, smiling, and not trying to pummel each other.  Score!


We all spent the whole weekend enjoying each other.


And when the weekend was over and Monday morning rolled around, we all felt like Ethan.  Heartbroken because it was over and time for everybody to go home. Sad smile











It was too short, but I promise you we did not waste a second of our time together!  Love you guys!!

Spend time with someone special to you today.


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Keri said...

Those are some good looking kiddos!! This post made me miss my sisters.....and want to get on them in the get married and procreate kind of way! Love all the kids together and family time in general. You are a blessed girl!

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