Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Only A Few Minutes

Hey guys!

I only have a very few minutes to pop in and say “HEY!” before I have to jet off to cross more things off my list.  Already accomplished today are:

  • Getting kids off to school and their bags packed for STL – we leave tonight after the last baseball game of the evening.
  • A quick 6 mile run.
  • 2 loads of laundry finished.
  • A Lending A Hand meeting for final preps for our 2nd annual River Run next Saturday the 16th!!
  • The grown up’s suitcase packed.  It’s ridiculous what you “”think” you need for one night.
  • My car all cleaned out.  Ok, ok, all I did was empty all our stuff out of it so it could be detailed.  The hubby hates to ride in a dirty car.  Oh, he’s so much like my father, but don’t tell him I said that.Winking smile  But seriously, sometimes I wonder, “What’s the point?”  As soon as our grubby kids precious children load up in the car it will be completely and utterly destroyed.  And yes, this is why I drive around with the inside of my vehicle looking like the inside of a school bus.  Let’s be honest here folks, it will be a mess before we get 30 miles down the road tonight.  But if it makes him feel better, then we’ll do it.

Still to do today is:

  • Get Tyler something to eat before his baseball game.
  • Pick up other kids at school and get them something to eat before heading to the ballpark.
  • Watch Tyler’s game.
  • Watch Zachary’s game.
  • Take Katie to t-ball practice (during Z’s game).
  • Head to STL with 3 worn out kids, and 2 parents.

We have to be at the news station at 5am…YIKES!!!!  But we are all excited and looking very forward to helping kick off the Siteman/News Channel 5 team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!!!  Let’s go PINK!! 

Just one other quick thing, when I told the kids that they were going to be on tv tomorrow to be interviewed they were so excited!  Katie thought for a minute and said (like she was calling dibs on the front seat of a car), “I WANNA BE THE WEATHER GIRL!!!”  Oh boy.  Taking our 15 and 13 year olds to a television studio won’t be a problem, but our 7-year old is a whole different story!  I already had to convince her that she doesn’t have to wear a prom dress, or a Cinderella costume, just something warm would be fine.  After all, if she’s going to be the weather girl, she should know that it’s going to be cold in the morning. Winking smile

I’ll check back in when we get back!


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