Monday, August 2, 2010

Lazy Blogger's Monday. And that's about all I have to say about that!

After a great weekend which included a shopping trip with my BFF Michelle and our girls, church, great outside runs, and lots of family we are on Monday morning, rip roarin' and ready to start another week!

I am NOT RUSHING this week at all, though. Why?? Because on Saturday, my baby boy Zachary turns 13 and we will officially have TWO TEENAGERS!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! You know, even when the kids were toddlers and we talked about "when they are teenagers..." when you are living in the moment day-to-day, it really never seems like it will happen. Or when it does, it's still so far in the future that it's not even relevant right now. But we are oh so relevant right now! When I look back I can't believe how far we've come and how our lives have just moved right along so quickly...too quickly. BUT! Saturday will be a happy day, or weekend actually, as we spend time with friends and family at our cabin and loads of quality time on the river. So bring it on!!

In other news ~~"Hi everyone. I'm Erica and I'm a lazy blogger."~~ Go ahead and say it, I know you want to ---> "Hello, Erica."<--- Seriously! Geez, I am SUCH a lazy blogger. There are several times that, in the course of every day, I will think "Oooh, I should write a post on that!" But every day, time passes and most days (duh) the post doesn't get written and I'm left feeling like a failed blogger. And then in moments like right now I actually have time to blog, but so many things have piled up in my brain (what's left of it) that I am at a loss at where to start! How do other blog--mom's do it?? Is there a set time that you sit down to write something every day? Is it eventually something you just work into being a habit? Like laundry, or cooking dinner?? But for some reason having clean clothes to wear, or getting dinner on the table doesn't hold the same importance as "Mommy needs to get this post typed up." Hmmm, maybe blogging falls too low on my list of priorities right now. And I've come to a realization that that's ok. It is what it is!

In case you're interested in what thoughts/activities have crossed my mind this weekend, here goes:

  • The arrival of my fabulous Vitamix on Thursday!!!!! OMGosh, she and I are going to get along great! It blends my Green Monsters like nobody's business. Ironically, though, the first 2 things made in it were a chocolate milkshake and chocolate chip cookie blizzards for the kids...Ha!
  • The girl's shopping trip to STL on Saturday, where Katie proclaimed when we were almost home, "We should DEFINITELY do this more often." I like the way she thinks;-)
  • Bro. Ron's sermon yesterday about "Let Go and Let God." And how when we feel like our binding's coming off (referring to the binding of a book), the book of Acts chapter 4:23-31 tells us what God says to do in these times. I get SO MUCH out of his sermons, I take notes like it's a chemistry class because that's how I learn and I don't want to forget a thing. Love it.
  • My 10.1 mile run before church.
  • Our wonderful family dinner at my parent's house, which sadly hasn't happened much this summer at all due to traveling and busy schedules. Layne and her family was missing, but the rest of us were there and it was so great to see Mason and Brayden (and their parents of course!). I love my family so much. I am bursting with it right now I promise.
  • And of course, being a breast cancer survivor is always on my mind. Sometimes I think I have this survivor-thing mastered, and others not so much. I go back and forth, which I guess is pretty normal. In a text from my very fave chemo nurse Renee (and one of my fave people ev-ah) she had some sweet words, "A huge and frightening chapter of your life is over. It overshadowed everything. The sun (Son) is shining bright again sooooooo get SONGLASSES!" Um, yes, I love her...God made her special fo' sho';-)

So there you have it! I hope y'all have a great Monday, and to end this post on a smile here's one of my very favorite quotes from Audrey Hepburn. Every word of it is so true and speaks to my heart.

Audrey Hepburn quote Pictures, Images and Photos


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