Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twas The Night Before School Starts

Well here we are.  Another school year is about to begin.  As of tomorrow at 8am, I will have one child in High School, one in Jr. High, and another in Elementary. 

Wow, I can hardly believe it myself!  It honestly seems like just yesterday I was starting high school…how can it now be my child getting ready to walk the same halls I did just yesterday??

And I remember middle school all too well.  Those awkward years of big hair and glasses, and being wayyyyy too tall for all the boys…well that hasn’t changed but whatever;-)  I can remember it so vividly.

I see so much of my elementary self in Katie.  So excited about school starting, she’s had her backpack ready for a week and her outfit laid out for 3 days.  The little girl always wanting to please the teacher and sit in the front.  That’s my girl! 

Katie is meeting the challenge head on with much excitement, the boys with much dread.  She just doesn’t understand WHY they aren’t excited about it!  LOL!  She is in full-on school mode right now; she’s brushing her teeth and getting her hair brushed as she prepares to go to bed AT BEDTIME…woah, that hasn’t happened in about 3 months!  She IS, however, going to bed in our bed, but that’s a story for another day.  Out little first-grader! 

Zachary is downstairs playing the Wii, in complete denial that tomorrow is ever coming.  I need to tell him that unless Jesus comes back tonight that, yes, the sun will rise and you WILL go to school tomorrow.  Bless his heart, I even had to pick out his notebooks because he didn’t even know (or care) how many he needed!  But now that this Jr. High thing is old-hat, he will be a ol’ pro tomorrow!

Tyler just won his very first high school baseball game tonight so he went with Jack afterwards to “check a couple of jobs.”  I guess this is what I should suspect now that he’s in high school…I suspect the two men of the house will roll in shortly.  If he pitches HIS dirty clothes in the floor like his father, we may have issues;-)  I will pick up after Jack because, God bless him, I didn’t raise him and there’s nothing I can do now…but Tyler on the other hand has grown accustomed to me saying “I’m your mother, not your maid.”  Clothes in the hamper thank you!

So as my 3 babies head off to school tomorrow, I will say extra special prayers for them.  I will ask God to guide their steps and their paths.  I will pray that He will protect them and keep them healthy, and that they will be a shining light for Him and His love.  I want others to be able to see Him through them.  I will pray that they will take Him with them wherever they go, and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that He is their best friend and they can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. 

“God please go with Tyler, Zachary, and Katie, and protect them from harm, because I know that you see them even when I can’t, and Your hand reaches far beyond mine.  Amen.”

Boy will my house be quiet tomorrow!  I’m kind of dreading it, but boy, I bet I get a lot done!!  See you tomorrow with first day pictures!

xoxo  July2010 005

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