Monday, August 23, 2010

Disappearing Act

Sorry for the disappearing act over the weekend!  I absolutely CRAVE family time, and with the kids getting bigger and bigger, it seems that the chances we get are few and far between.  Makes me sad.

We took the weekend and went to STL for some “outdoor shopping.”  Think Bass Pro and Cabelas…I have to literally drag my boys out of there when it’s time to leave!  They love it.  It’s not my thing.  August2010 026

We also got to watch our beloved Cardinals put a whippin’ on the SF Giants!  It was a great game, and temps that even THIS Mama could stand!  We sat in the bleachers, 2 rows behind our bullpen.  Zachary even got a ball tossed to him from Ryan Franklin!!! 

[And for those of you who aren’t into STL Cards baseball –WHAT?!—he is our closer;-)]

August2010 029


Zachary and his Daddy, there were never two cuter (or ornerier) boys!August2010 034


Look at these beautiful blue skies, perfect for a day at the ballpark!August2010 027   

I finally figured out that the camera on my iPhone has a ZOOM!!!  So I took advantage to snap this pic of starting pitcher Chris Carpenter, catcher Yadier Molina, and pitching coach Dave Duncan walking to the bullpen.August2010 031 

Carp warming up in the bullpen!  Wheeeee, I told you they were good seats!!!  Hehe;-)August2010 035

The rest of our weekend included going to spend some time with a very good friend and fellow breast cancer survivor, who was in the hospital recovering from her second reconstruction surgery.  She is doing great and actually got to come home today!  Yay!!

There was no time to hit up Whole Foods, or as my blend (blog friend) Gina calls it, Whole Paycheck;-)  But we are going back on Friday for doctors appointments, so I plan on hitting up WF then.  And maybe a mall or two that DOESN’T involve camouflage.  We shall see…;-)

I just got home from seeing Tyler play his very first high school baseball game and I’m beat so I’m going to go and chill for the evening…and catch up on weekend laundry.  Seriously, it never ends.  Talk to ya’ll tomorrow!


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