Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Clean Bill

Sorry for the no-show yesterday guys!  But I have a very good excuse…I was in STL getting some of best news a girl can get…

THAT MY 6 MONTH MAMMOGRAM CAME BACK CLEAN!!!!  And I also had a chest x-ray to rule out anything weird due to my shortness of breath that I’ve been having…and the x-ray also showed nothing!

Thank you, LORD, for the guidance to pretty much the best medical facility ev-ahhh, and the best and kindest doctors I could ever imagine.  I truly believe that along with the diagnosis of breast cancer, came a path that was laid out for me way before I ever knew.

Here’s some pictures from our day… August2010 012 August2010 006 August2010 037   August2010 002 August2010 035

August2010 029 August2010 030 August2010 031 August2010 032 August2010 033 August2010 034  So if what you gathered from the pictures is that I spent a lot of time in a gown, that we waited a lot, and that my husband likes to play with medical equipment while we wait…then YOU’RE RIGHT!  Bahahaha:-)  It was a great day, despite being inside the Center for Advanced Medicine from 11:30am-4:30pm…ahhhh!  But it’s actually ok because I feel strangely content there…very safe and sound.  I know that I am being cared for by some of the best in the world and add to it that I can count these men and women as friends, also, is a huge plus. 

Friday night we went out to celebrate!  We went out to dinner with my oncologist Tim, and his wife Heather.  We had such a great dinner and a great time with them.  Heather is a health conscious runner and scrapbooker (!!!) like me, and we are becoming fast friends!  And Tim, well, he kinda saved my life;-)  They are the greatest…and they are going to come visit and play in the country soon!

home_top_rooftop_vds We went out to a fantastic dinner at Vin de Set in St. Louis, a restaurant that Tim and Heather had chosen, and it was nothing short of amazing.  I had the Mahi Mahi and it melted in my mouth.  But just as equal to the quality of the food was the beautiful atmosphere.  They have rooftop dining there, and it was the most relaxing and enjoyable evening to sit outside and eat and visit.  With the arch lit up and the full moon shining, it was the perfect way to celebrate our day.  I can’t wait to go back again.  We had a roasted eggplant flatbread for an appetizer that I cannot wait to try and recreate.  OMGosh, it was amazing!  I got all the ingredients I “think” I will need today before we left STL so maybe tomorrow I will have time to try it out.  If I have success I’ll let you know;-)

And what trip to STL would be complete without a trip to a couple of grocery stores?!  Today it was Trader Joe’s and Dierbergs.  I was so stoked to find Mahi Mahi BURGERS at TJ’s!!!  I can’t wait to try them! 

After the necessary food stops for me, we headed home to pick up the kids and rejoice in our good reports.  There is truly nothing more relaxing than knowing that your body is still free of cancer…nothing.  I bet I sleep soooo good tonight;-)

AND I hope y’all do too.  Sleep tight friends.  Love y’all <3


“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Christal said...

PRAISE GOD!!! That is so exciting!

Christal said...

PRAISE GOD! That is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Great news! You are SUCH a wonderful witness for Him! Keep it up and have a great week...

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