Sunday, August 15, 2010

27 Years Ago Today, I Got Twin Sisters <3


And Happy Sunday!  I trust y’all have had a good one <3

I have had a busy day, that started at 530am.  Yes, it’s long run day!  But, when I got up and made coffee and saw that it was already 81 degrees I decided to hit the good ol’ treadmill instead.  I did 13 miles in 2:08:24.  I was shooting for 10 miles but I got to watching a movie and wanted to keep going until it was over.  What was the movie that kept me going for 13 miles you ask??  It was this:August2010 030 And here’s why I love it so much:

“Living Proof” is the true story of oncologist and researcher Dr. Dennis Slamon, the UCLA doctor who helped develop the breast cancer drug Herceptin, and his effort to keep the drug trials afloat. His inspiring journey shows the sacrifices he makes in his personal life and the obstacles that he faces to get the drug approved. Thousands of lives have been saved because of his dedication. (Based on Robert Bazell’s book “Her-2.”)

Notice a familiar word or two in there?!  Yep, I owe my life to the research and dedication of Dr. Slamon who developed my CURE, HerceptinThank you Jesus for giving this doctor this gift!  If you are interested in purchasing “Living Proof,” you can get it here, and watch for it on Lifetime movie network, especially during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I swear it brings me to my knees every time I watch it.  To think that if I had developed my breast cancer just a few years earlier, I would probably not be here today.  My type of invasive ductal carcinoma, triple positive,  is only found in 12% of patients.  Triple positive, meaning my cancer feeds off of all 3 receptor types: estrogen, progesterone, and the HER 2 protein makes my cancer very aggressive, coupled with my very young age which makes it even more so.  Wow.  Thank you Jesus.

After my run we headed out to my mom and dad’s house to celebrate my sisters’ birthday!  They turned 27 today, and it was a great day.  The only thing missing was one sister:-(  Layne and her family weren’t there, but Jessica and her family was, and our little brother, Matt, and his family were there…his fiancé Charli is also having a birthday in a few days so we celebrated hers as well! 

Some sights from our day:

Jessica and her hubby Jason (and my crazy hubby trying to screw up my picture!):August2010 002

My sister Jessa and I: August2010 005

Our brother Matt, his fiancé Charli, and their son Mason:August2010 016

The cake:August2010 010

Me and my Mama: August2010 014

Old pic of me hanging at my parent’s house…I am looking longingly at my hair…I miss it.  Grow, hair, grow!!August2010 022 

Something else I discovered today, was the Parade magazine issue from last week’s Sunday paper.  You know the little “magazine” thingy inside the paper??  Well, I’m in it!!  Mom said she was sitting there reading the paper last Sunday night and she stopped and said “David!” (my dad), “is this Erica?!  It looks like Erica!”  Well by golly it sure was!  The article was on the book “Promise Me” by Nancy Brinker, the sister of Susan G. Komen, who start the foundation in her sister’s name after she battled and passed away from breast cancer.  I bet she never imagined how big the Komen Foundation would grow and the wonderful things they have done for breast cancer patients and research!  How amazing!  I can’t wait to read the book!!  To read an excerpt and get your copy, you can go here. August2010 025

Can you see me?!  I’m right above the “rv” in Survivors!August2010 026

Before I sign off for tonight, I just want to take a second to wish my baby sisters the happiest of birthdays. 

Layne & Jessa, I love you so guys so much!  I have always been your biggest fan and your protector, and I always will be.  I have been in such love with you since, at the age of 5, they came and got me out of Bible School to tell me that my sisters were born.  It was without a doubt one of the happiest moments of my life.  So whether we are joy-riding in mom’s van, eating ice cream straight out of the container while we complain about men, or gripe at each other for stretching out each others shirts…just know that I would rather do those things with you two than with anybody else on the planet.  I am absolutely crazy about you both and am so blessed to have you as sisters and best friends.  I love you!! SISTERS4 

Have a great evening, friends:-)  Love you!


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