Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Teenagers

Hello guys!!  I hope everyone is having a great start to the week! 

We are getting back into the swing of a “normal” week after a long weekend of birthday celebration. Zachary’s birthday was Saturday and we celebrated at the cabin and took some friends of Zachary’s with us!

On our way to the cabin we scheduled a layover in PB for lunch and the afternoon at the water park!

This is becoming a tradition!  Poor kid!  He even knew it was coming but it was not to be avoided;-)August2010 002August2010 004August2010 008  







Per usual, the boys did not pause long enough for me to snap their picture when we got to the water park, they were off and running.  And I decided to be a cool mom and not make them stop for pics.  I pouted on the inside.  And of course got pics of Katie!August2010 014 August2010 012

August2010 009August2010 015 


But while we were having fun and playing all weekend, I kept saying to myself over and over,


How did we go so quickly from this:

scan0004 To this:Komen2010 031 mothersday10

I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.  Seriously.  One day you are cradling your newborn in your arms, and the next they are starting Jr. High and the middle seems somewhat of a blur…  Crazy. 

I hope, though, that even as these boys continue to grow and mature, that they will always find the time to humor their baby sister and participate in the tea party she so lovingly laid out for them.  Oh yes, these are yearbook savers for sure!!  But I DID have to promise them not to put them on Facebook…they never said anything about the blog;-)August2010 016August2010 018 

My sweet little boy has been a teenager for 2 whole days now.  I am excited for his future and yet sad to see him grow more independent, which inevitably means that he won’t need me as much.  But I am not going to waste a moment of that time, because I will spend it on my knees praying that God will guide Zachary and bless him.  That He will protect Him and keep him safe and healthy.  And that God will use him and help him to be a blessing to others.  May God place a hedge of protection around him as he goes through each day.

I’m off to parent my new teenager for a little while…he has a bedroom and bathroom that desperately need his attention!

Have a good day!


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Keri said...

You are my teenage boy mom hero. How incredibly sweet that he and his friends participated in the tea party!! I LOVE that!!! There's a whole lot of good parenting that went into that.

It does go by quickly. I can't believe I now have a middle schooler. It excites me and frightens me all at the same time. I really hated middle school so I have to actively work at not putting all those negative emotions on him. We'll see how that goes!!

Thank you so much for your very sweet note. I am sad to report that I have once again fallen into my bad habits with the phone and can relate to every single thing you said. I keep it too know, in case there's an emergency at 2 a.m. in Texas and I need to know about it. Ugh......


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