Monday, August 30, 2010

I Run For Life

On a gloomy Monday  morning when our beautiful Ozarks look like this:August2010 020

I get my kids up and take them to school and set off to start my day.  Just like every morning, I lace up my running shoes and drink my last sip of coffee and I’m out the door. 


Why, on a gloomy morning with the mist falling and the humidity through the roof, do I go out and run?  Dodging mud puddles, fearing wild animals, and sweating buckets is not necessarily my idea of a party.  Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE it;-)  August2010 019 But as I was reminded by a song playing through my earphones this morning, I run for a much bigger reason than the fact that I am simply addicted to it…I run for life.

It is hard to put into words, but I think that Melissa Etheridge’s “I Run For Life,” sums it up pretty well.  Listen to the song  and read these words…this is me:  

Have a great Monday!


“Remember, our faith is always at it’s greatest point when we are in the middle of the trial, and confidence in the flesh will never endure testing.  Fair-weather faith is not faith at all.” –Charles H. Spurgeon

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Cheryl Jones said...

I SO get that song! I understand completely. I loved the saying at the bottom of your post too. I live in Ohio and seeing the mountains is just breathtaking. What a beautiful view. Keep running.........I am cheering you on!!!

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