Thank You, Rewards Points!

I DID IT!!!!  Can you guess what??  Here’s a few clues:

  • I’ve bought something,
  • Something I’ve wanted for a long time,
  • But never did because it’s kinda pricey $$$,
  • I’ve been seeing them on many food and healthy living blogs,
  • It enhances my whole-food and healthy eating lifestyle,
  • It will have a permanent place on my kitchen counter…

…any guesses??

If your guess was a Vitamix, then YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!  Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to put so many exclamation points behind my new kitchen appliance but I’m just so darn excited that it really is necessary!

vitamix (source)

Here’s how it happened:  I was checking the rewards points on our credit card, I’ve been letting them build up for awhile.  After looking through all the many options, I noticed that I could get gift cards for all these different stores for the points!  Well, one of the stores was…something in my brain instantly clicked <insert click here> as I realized, “I can get a Vitamix for almost nothing!!!!!!” 

After clearing it with the hubby, I redeemed my points, and yesterday my gift cards came in so that made today…ORDERING DAY!  And since I saved SO much money, I even added 2-day shipping!  Hehe;-)  We don’t have to tell the hubby ‘bout that part, lol!  Kidding…kinda;-)

So in just 2 days, expect a massive LOOK WHAT I CAN BLEND post!  You can never tell where this may go!  I mean, the thing can puree a whole apple!  Yes, a whole apple…stem, seeds, and all.  Um yeah, I’m pretty stoked!!! :-D 

Well hopefully some of my excitement for my new blender/food processor has rubbed off on you and you will have a spring in your step the rest of this Tuesday!  Well, ok, maybe not but just know that I will!

Love y’all!



Mrs. LC said…
haha I LOVE the enthusiasm in this post. I totally understand, as I experienced it when I got mine. ;) Smoothies will seriously never be the same, never be so SMOOTH again!

Note on the apples though -- while it won't kill ya in trace amounts, be careful of actually eating a lot of whole pureed apples, as there is actually a trace amount of poison in the seeds. :) LOVE YOU!

P.S. I have to send you a message when life calms down! I have news! GOOD news! Nothing is in the clear yet, but we're in the right direction. ;) (Reference last FB message lol).
Oh my gosh, how exciting! I hope to get one someday myself. Perhaps I should look into a credit card with rewards points, haha ;-)

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