Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Debate

Hello lovelies;-) and happy Wednesday to ya! Aren't these the most beautiful 3 children in the whole world?! Yep, I thought so!

During our trip to PB on Monday to get groceries, I told the boys to go pick out a watermelon. Of course, I should have expected that they would have two conflicting opinions on which one was best. So I came up with the idea to have a watermelon contest: The Great Watermelon Debate 2010! I allowed them both to pick the watermelon of their choice and we would decide which one was best. How fun...and delicious!!

When we got home and had put away all the groceries, we had the initial inspection:

They both sure looked delicious!

And of course, my Zachary being, well, my Zachary...gosh this child makes me smile every day!

And sorry to be anticlimactic here, but the final decision was...TIE! Really! They were both really good! And I'm not just being a "mom" about it...not really;-) They both had the same taste, very sweet and delicious. The texture was different, but nothing that would make me choose one over the other. They really were both very good. They were both being so competitive about it, so a tie was a GOOD thing! And now we are enjoying ALLLLLL of the fruits of the competition! And, ahem, making frequent trips to the is water-melon after all!

Then yesterday, we had the pleasure of keeping my nephew Brayden for the day while my sister, Jessica, went to a teacher's meeting. We were so excited to go to his house and play with him for the day! Zachary and Katie were my special helpers and they really were a big help! Brayden is 6 months old now and I can't believe how quickly he's gone from this:

To this:

We had a wonderful day yesterday! Brayden is such a laid back and happy baby. I told Jessica that he has her sparkling personality, and his daddy's sparkling blue eyes. He is such a blessing and a gift from God. So precious! We had a great time babysitting. Katie now says she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up! I bet she'd be a great least until iCarly or Hannah Montana comes on...hehe:-P

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! We're halfway to the that has to make you smile!
I wanted to share one more thing with you before going that has lifted me up all week. It's something our pastor said on Sunday morning that is truly beautiful:


Extravagantly!! How awesome is that?!

Thank you, Lord, for loving me the way You do...the way only You can. You are so worthy of all our worship and praise!

Keep in His grip!


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Keri said...

Let me just say that we are a family that loves a good taste test. We have them all the time for all kinds of stuff! I have never actually thought of having them for something as fun as watermelon the kids get to pick out! May have to copy you on that one!

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