Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say It's Not So!

NOOOO! Not more snow!! Ugh. Yes, that it the white stuff starting to show up on the ground. And it is coming down like crazy right now. I think the last thing most people around here want right now is snow...WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!! I guess if I have to look at the bright side (and I usually do) at least it's not ice. We are expecting 3-5" of just snow. So that's much better than ice.
I apologize for my lack of posts this week. I have been running crazy, literally and figuratively. I have ran 43 miles this week, (a high since before diagnosis in September woohoo!) and have been grand-champion chauffeur to the boys, too. Zachary's basketball practices are in full swing, some before school and some after, and Tyler's baseball practices started this week. And in between all the sports, other stuff has had to fit into the mix.
  • Baseball practice
  • Orthodontist appt (almost done, yippee!)
  • Quiz Bowl practice
  • Jr. Beta Red Cross Blood Drive volunteer
  • Basketball practice on Saturday morning
  • Basketball practice every day except Wednesday


  • She's a 5-year old princess with a love for pink, dress-up, and everything fancy. AND she stays home with me :-D 'Nuff said.


  • 2 Different homes being built right now, so 2 crews working in different towns
  • Seems like every piece of equipment we had needed some sort of repair this week, so that meant a lot of fixing.
  • Went to TX for 2 days to look at/purchase a new dozer because of the previous bullet point...
  • Put up with me and my menopause-drive hormones, my coming off steroids emotions, and just general "freak-out" moments of insecurity and anxiety.


  • Daily quiet time/Bible Study
  • Ran 43 miles!!
  • The driver and scheduler of events listed under the children.
  • Delivered broken parts to be repaired.
  • General office/bookkeeping work
  • Keeping our home looking halfway put together so it doesn't look like a family of pigs live here!

Whew! No wonder I'm tired! So maybe I will just try to relax, watch it snow, and enjoy the day. Because next week it all starts back up again plus add in 2 trips to STL for dr appts. Tuesday we go to the Radiation Oncologist, where we will do the complete set up for radiation which will begin approx 10 days after Tuesday. They are doing everything it takes to be completely set up since we have to drive so far, but that means we will be there from 930am - 330 pm. Loooong day! Then on Friday I go for the heart echo, labs, see my dr, and have the Herceptin infusion, prayerfully. Yeah, I'd better rest up!! Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


VeggieGirl said...

More snow here too :-( Hang in there!!

TraciG said...

I found your blog via the LPM site. I too am a young cancer survivor--3 years from surgery this week actually. I had gone to my ob/gyn for my annual and we were discussing expanding our family from 1 child to two. He found a lump and by 6 p.m. I had been mammoed, ultrasounded, and biopsied. I was just 36. My cancer was ER positive but negative for everything else, including lymph node involvement.

I did however have some challenges during my treatment as I ended up pregnant sometime between surgery and when radiation was supposed to start. (We discovered it the night before I was to begin--God was at work!). I did complete my rads. treatment, but it had to be postponed until my 2nd trimester.

Anyway, I just spent some time at your blog, looking through your entries and wanted you to know you will be in my prayers as you finish up your treatment. I think you will find radiation a walk in the park compared to chemo. I too had to commute for rads treatment, about 180 miles... I stayed usually M-T, home W, stayed Th. home Friday.

I am now doing mammos every 6 mos, and blood work every 6 mos, and so far everything is completely clean. The mental battle is better, but I still worry about recurrence.

God has been so faithful and I have grown so much in my faith through the whole ordeal, that it really had a huge purpose in my life.

God bless you, your husband and your children as you finish the last leg of your marathon! When you're done, I'll be around if you need a BC Siesta for support.

Traci G. in Montana

Mrs. LC said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how life can just be SO busy and full sometimes, event without major "events"?

Praying for ya girl! :)

Keri said...

Every single time you show a picture of your home, it makes me want to pack up and move. It just looks so peaceful!!

You are a busy momma, but don't you just love every moment of it? It's so much fun!!

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