Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let The Melting Begin...

Well the ice and snow are beginning to melt. But it is happening very slowly. We are having beautiful weather, but it is very cold. I think our high today is around 24* with a wind chill of 3*...BRRRRR! We haven't heard yet if the kids will be in school tomorrow or not. The back roads are clearing, but a new concern today is for the roof on the high school which is weak and leaking due to the build up of all the ice and snow. They generally call around 3 with the decision to have school or not. So we'll see. I don't think the boys care!
I had an interesting run at my mom and dad's this morning. Tyler had gone to work with my hubby this morning so I just had Katie and Zachary with me. During my run, my hubby calls and says that Tyler has just passed out! I know my heart rate was probably higher when I was talking to him than when I was running! He was out for about 10 seconds and after he got some breakfast into him he said he felt fine. But it absolutely scared me to death. I had my sister bring him home (that's where they were headed) and I took him up to the dr and had Michelle check him out. She said he looked fine and it was probably due to a nighttime sinus medicine I had given him last night plus not eating before he left. But she's running some blood work; hopefully he's fine.
So we are back home now, and he is still feeling good, just tired. We are just going to rest today and stay warm ! Have a good Tuesday!

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