Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Ok, so maybe you've heard...Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning which means, sigh, six more weeks of winter. Ugh. As if we haven't suffered enough already! And I'm just saying that because I am still looking at several inches of mostly ice, and some snow leftover from last week's winter storm. The kids are out of school again today; the back roads are still ice covered around here so it may be another day or two of sun and above-freezing temperatures before the kids go back. The boys are LOVING it! They are sledding up a storm and enjoying sleeping in. When they do go back, it will be a rude awakening! Thousands of people in our area are still without power. Some friends of ours about an hour from here were just informed yesterday that it may be weeks to a month before they get power. I know power companies are working around the clock but conditions are still horrible in some places. My sister and her husband got their power back on Saturday, they are praying it stays on. But her in-laws are all staying at her house because they are still without power (and they only live 5 minutes from her). Crazy. Hopefully we will have a pretty week and things can get back to normal...and I hope Phil is off his game this year!
So yesterday was my actual birthday, and Super Bowl Sunday. Since we are trying to keep germs at bay, we didn't have our usual SB party but our nephew Brad came over to watch the game as well as my parents and my brother, Matt. My hubby knows how much I love shrimp so he made tons of peel and eat shrimp for everybody and of course there was the usual suspects: nachos, chips and dip, and pizza. The staples of my evening were shrimp and ice cream cake! I was so excited when my hubby and my boys pulled a DQ ice cream cake out of the freezer last night!!! Oh my, I SO didn't need it, but it was SO GOOD! I had a piece at the start of the Super Bowl, and another 1/2 piece at halftime. I've come to the conclusion that calories don't count on your birthday!!
Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their victory last night. Our household was divided for support of the Steelers and the Cardinals. The boys were cheering for Pittsburgh and my hubby and I were rooting for Arizona. Darn it, AZ almost had it! But I was even happier that it was a good game and not a one-sided blow out. And the commercials were hilarious! The E*Trade babies were so funny, the Doritos ad with the crystal ball was really good, but it was the Pepsi ad where everyone was getting hurt absolutely had us rolling! Especially the boys! Seeing them get so tickled was cracking me up! So it was good night. I hope everybody else enjoyed their evening whether they spent it watching the SB or not!
On a side note, my treadmill is on protest this week. Gasp! It has been acting up for the last couple of days so I asked my hubby to look at it yesterday. When I went downstairs to check on him, he had the whole motor part exposed and taken apart! Double gasp!! It turns out, the drive belt is completely stretched out and needs to be replaced. So I ordered a new one this morning and it should be here by the end of the week...hopefully. So what's a girl to do? Thankfully my mom and dad have a treadmill so the kids and I just loaded up and headed to their house so I could get my run in. I did 7.5 miles while I watched the boys out the window have sled races! It felt great. See you later, lovelies! And thank you all for your birthday wishes!!!


VeggieGirl said...

Such a lovely birthday cake!!

Mrs. LC said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday!! I LOVE ice cream birthday cake and have it for almost every birthday since my birthday is in July! I should give you my mom's recipe for homemade ice cream's SO easy, SOOOO tasty, and completely customizable!!

Basically: pick 2 ice cream flavors (I always love a double chocolate brownie fudge and a strawberry or cookie dough). Soften one ice cream and spread it in the bottom of a rectangular pan (I use my glass Pyrex pan). Freeze a while until firm. Spread a can of Dove Dark Chocolate hot fudge on and crumble oreo cookies on top of the fudge. Let harden again. Then spread the second softened ice cream on top. For "icing" we'll just top with a little fat free cool whip spread over, and we like to decorate (spell out birthday numbers, names, shapes, etc.) with mini M&Ms. So fun and so yum! (You'll also want to make it so it can freeze overnight so it will be hard and yummy when you want it.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Well happy belated birthday! Sounds like you all are going through the same things as us up here. Luckily we didn't lose power this time but they are saying it could take up to a month to get everyone in Kentucky back up and running normally. That is just scary.

That cake looks awesome! Calories so don't count on your birthday, especially when you are such a dedicated runner :) Have a great day! I know, I hate that darn groundhog and his shadow, lol.

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