Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayers For A Friend

I'm not sure how I feel today. I, physically, feel fantastic! I got up this morning and ran 4 goal was to run 30 miles this week before my treatment tomorrow, and I did it! And things are running like clockwork around here. Laundry is done, floors are clean, etc. But, I am very sad about a good friend of mine who did not get good news yesterday. She went to the dr yesterday, at Siteman-same as me, for her checkup. She had chemo from Jan.-June last year as treatment for lymphoma. She was considered cured, but her scans yesterday showed a possible recurrence. She is awaiting biopsy results before they make a final determination and a plan. She is 24 years old and she and her husband have a 1-year old precious little girl. My hubby is building their first new should be completed in about 2 weeks. Just in time for Christmas! But I know all they are focused on right now is her health and getting well, again. Please be in prayer for her. She has been the greatest source of help to us since we were diagnosed. In fact, the day we got the diagnosis, she and her hubby came over and sat here with us until almost midnight, answering questions and just talking. She had been there...and now she is there again and I am just sick for her. Just please keep her in your prayers, that she would be healed once again.

The day we went to Siteman for our first dr appointment, she and her hubby went with us for moral support and to show us around...just to be there with us. The evening before we left, she gave me a copy of the Serenity Prayer to keep with me:

Grant me
The serenity
To accept the
Things I cannot change,
The courage to change
The things I can,
And the wisdom
To know the


VeggieGirl said...

Glad you're feeling well!!

Saying that prayer, for sure!!

Sarah said...

I will pray for your friend! You two are lucky to have each other during such difficult circumstances. Congrats on meeting that 30 mile goal!

Healthnutcutie said...

We will be sending love and prayers for your friend from Tucson.

Mrs. LC said...

I'll definitely be praying for your friend. I think you have another appointment today (?) and I'm praying right now that it goes well for you. :) Keep your strength in the Lord and keep repeating that serenity prayer (love it!)!

Mrs. LC said...

Oh and I meant to tell you - that blog bible study that we're doing, we're going to be using the Beth Moore Believing God study that you and Jenna told me about. As of right now, we're thinking of doing that and then having a group blog where everyone who is doing the study can be an author and contribute to discussions (or maybe we'll just let the discussions go through the comments). I know you're already doing that study now, but if you wanted to join in on comments and discussion and Godly conversation, you're more than welcome! Let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you posted!

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post. I actually just posted about the Serenity Prayer yesterday. It is one of my favorite readings because of all the hope, faith and trust it gives. You are such a wonderful and dear friend to post this. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out to her and her family during this time.

Best of luck with you and yours-have a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving. What you are doing (blogging) is very much appreciated and is giving hope to millions of woman who are struggling with chemo as well. I commend you for your positivity.

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