Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girls Weekend!

I have had such a busy weekend...and a GREAT one! My sisters, Layne and Jessica, have been here all weekend and yesterday we went shopping and eating and were gone all day. Then last night the 3 of us went out to dinner; no men, no kids. We had such a great time! It was such a perfect day.

Then today, we had planned on going to my mom and dad's for dinner, but Jack called me on his way home from the woods (it's opening weekend of deer season here) and he had thrown his neck out while bending over to pick up his deer! Oh boy. My dad had to drive them home, and by the time he got here he was in so much pain. So I gave him some of the pain medicine that I had left over from my surgery and got him propped up in bed, alternating heat and cold ever since. He is still not having any relief, I think what he really needs is a muscle relaxer but we don't have any of those! Darn it! I pray he feels better tomorrow. But before he called, I was at Lacey's salon getting my hair cut again. It is going, going, almost gone! It has been really thinning and shedding the last couple of days so I thought if I wanted to experiment with another shorter haircut, I had better do it today! If it even made it through the cut! It did, but it won't last much longer. Before we know it, it will all be gone! I'm just trying to hold on as long as I can, while still being in control and shaving it while it is still a choice!

This evening I wrote some of my favorite Bible verses on notecards, as a part of my daily Bible study "homework". It's going to be great way for me to keep my inspiration close at hand. What a great idea! I'm very excited to work on it some more again tomorrow. And I also hope tomorrow will bring much less "excitement" around here!

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