Monday, November 17, 2008

Bald Is Beautiful!

Boy was it an exciting day around here, or what?! I got up this morning, shedding like crazy! My hair was shedding pretty bad yesterday, too, but I just knew that today was the day. I went for a 6 mile run this morning and every time I would wipe my sweat on my forehead, I would have hair all over my sweat rag. Gross. So I informed everyone when I got done, that we were doing the shaving today! The kids were excited, especially Katie. She walked around with scissors for 3 hrs. asking "Now? Can I cut your hair now?" I let the kids all take cuts of my hair before Jack started in with the buzzing. They enjoyed it! My sisters were here, and my dad, and we just had us a good old fashioned head shaving right here in the dining room!

Katie finally getting to cut mommy's hair!

He looks a little too excited! Ha!

Zachary taking his turn with the scissors!
The finished product! My new motto is "Bald is Beautiful!" I actually have a pretty head, if I do say so myself! It doesn't have any weird lumps or bumps, my ears don't stick out, and I don't look like an alien! All good things! I was very impressed with the head God gave me!
Here's me in the bathroom fixing my wig. I still have some playing to do with it, but I really like it. It is HOTT!
And I kept saying that I didn't think I would be rockin' the scarf...but I think I totally will be! I really like it. It is so comfortable and soft. This black and white one is my fave!
So that's our big day! I prayed for strength to take this next step today. God definitely came through for us, yet again. Even my sister said, "I thought I'd cry, but I didn't even want to!" The kids handled it great and we just kept it upbeat and positive, just like everything else. And I am very proud that I took this step...chemo didn't make the decision, I DID. I hope ya'll had as good of a start to the week as we did! God Bless!


The Wasson Family said...

Erica - I cannot tell you the flashback I had when reading your blog. I have officially been bald for about 14 weeks now. However, like you I chose to not allow any part of cancer to victimize me anymore than it already had. I was going to be in control! I love the look and I really love the scarf! Hang in there! I wish we could have met in St. Louis this week but I'll miss by just a couple of days! Your an inspiration to me!

Simple and Divine said...

BEAUTIFUL <333No other words to describe your hot ass self! *Fist pumps n hugs* I'm so proud of you and so inspired by your unending strength, each and every day :) Love you woman!

Bridget said...

Beautiful!! What an amazing family you have!

Mrs. LC said...

You look GORGEOUS! God did bless you with a beautiful, bald head. :) Your kids look like they're having fun with the scissors - praise God for the fun, upbeat energy that seemed to take place. :)

Sarah said...

You never cease to amaze me my dear! You took such a big step and all with a smile on your face (and a beautiful head too, you are right)! You rock Erica, you are setting such a great example for your family and for all of us too. Have a great day :)

Sammie said...

Erica you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful. :)

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