Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Commando!

Busy busy day here! The boys went back to school today, out yesterday for deer season. So Katie and I enjoyed our usual routine today. Except, I ran commando this morning...lol! My head, anyway! It was so cool...literally! I could feel the cool air blowing on my head, I'm telling you, I ran a mile further than I planned, 7 miles! I don't know if was actually the "no hair factor," but whatever it was, I enjoyed it immensely!! Then another new experience, a shower where I didn't have to wash my hair! Loved it too!! My hubby said I would like it, I'm beginning to see why. But seriously, my get-ready time has been cut in half, at least! And I just now put on my wig, to go get the boys. I have said since the beginning of all this, that I would have my wig on all the time; I wouldn't be seen without it. But I don't feel that way anymore! I feel free, and beautiful (!), without it...not to mention cooler! And I think it's a good thing that Katie is seeing me comfortable with it, she's getting more used to it too. She keeps feeling my head!

After breakfast I did a lesson in my Bible study and began to clean, clean, clean. I did the floors, dusting, and finished the laundry. Whew! So now I am sitting here relaxing for a minute in my peaceful house, before going to get the boys and the ruckus begins! But I enjoy the ruckus most of the time...it makes our house home-y! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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