Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Strong Tower

Thought right at this second:

Does anything smell any better than a steaming hot cup of coffee sometimes?  I love the smell of coffee.  And I would also love if it would hurry and cool down so I could get some caffeine in my tired self.  I had a terrible night’s sleep [hate those].


But all will be looking up soon!

It seems like today is surgery day for several people: my second momma (the one I asked for prayers for the other day), my sister-in-law, and my friend’s Dad.  Gee whiz people!  As my Mom has always said, “We never run out of things to pray for.”  Indeed.

Last night’s baseball game didn’t go as planned…meaning: we didn’t win. Sad smile  But the boys will be back on the mound tomorrow afternoon and hopefully bring home a winner!  I’ve always told them that you can sometimes learn more from the losses than the wins. 

Of course, who knows if tomorrow’s game will even happen now that we have Hurricane Isaac moving this direction.  We here in SE Missouri should catch the remnants of it and they are calling for quite a bit of rain here. I’m sending prayers to those on the coast and further inland who are dealing with MUCH more than rain right now.

On another note completely-check out what my little gymnast is up to now:


She was so pleased with herself that she figured out that she can use the footboard of her bed as a balance beam to practice.  Oh my word.  I don’t know how many times we have said the words, “Be careful, we don’t want to break something else!”  Clearly she’s listening.  Clearly. 

I can so relate to the commercial with gymnast Shawn Johnson and her Mom where her Mom says, “Our home is a training facility…”  Yes, I gotcha.  Here’s the commercial…this is what our house looks like constantly. 

Haha, I love it.

Here’s Day 18 from #SheReadsTruth-


Has anyone else ever pictured themselves full-on running into the arms of God to be protected and kept safe?  I know I have.  I don’t know how many times during diagnosis and treatment (and pretty much every time I still walk into Siteman), I would just bury myself in His Robe and would never have the courage to peek out.  And friends, that’s the beauty of God.  He is THERE with a love so grand we could never imagine.  He WANTS to be our protector and our guide.  I am so thankful.  There are no words.  He is truly my strong tower.

Love you guys.


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