Friday, August 10, 2012

Zachary’s Fifteen & Katie Can Swim

So we are surviving this past week, post-bandage/splint removal.  Mostly because of THIS-




Although we are still very much in exercise, physical therapy, brace on/brace off, and mode, life is very good being able to get our girl back in the pool.  And it felt pretty good to get back in myself, too!

Katie got her water clearance just in time for Zachary’s birthday pool party.  I can hardly believe another year has passed and HE IS FIFTEEN!  Seriously.  I have no words. zachfacebookbday

Sweet thing.  And now we are already to this-

2012-08-09 002

A driver’s permit.  Are you kidding me?!  He passed his written test on the first try (it took Tyler three times to pass-and yes he’s brought that up a time or two to big brother!) and he was PUMPED! 

We’ve already been out and about driving of course. Winking smile

2012-08-09 0021

And yes, apparently the shades were a necessity.  And another note- we snapped the pic of us before he started driving (obviously), and I joked, “Haha, I hope that’s not our LAST picture!”  Just jokes of course.  He’s a very good and cautious driver.


He is so stinkin’ cute.  Yes, even with a t-shirt that says “Team Boobies.”  Which, by the way, I would NEVER let my boys wear if it hadn’t been that they were wearing them in honor of me in last year’s Raft Race!  I was taking this picture and realized he had this shirt on…I just had to shake my head.  Oh, life with boys.


What he wanted more than anything for his birthday was a new bow.  He was so excited when we surprised him with it and he’s been out in the backyard shooting ever since.  He LOVES it.

So now I have TWO BOYS driving.  I am constantly amazed by how fast time goes by.  It really does seem like yesterday that my kids looked like this-


Just nuts.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us these precious gifts to take care of and raise in Your Name.


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