Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School ~ Twenty Twelve

Well, it’s here…

Another FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  <----- I really tried to type that sentence with an exclamation point but it just didn’t feel right.  I’m not a fan of sending my kids back to school…I like them here.  With me.  All the time.  Forever and ever.

Well, ok, maybe not forever and ever [a Momma needs her quiet time, too], but MOST of the time yes.  This Momma bird likes all her chicks in the nest.  I know it won’t stay this way forever and the kids going back to school is another stark reminder of that. 

Tyler is a junior.  Let me repeat, A JUNIOR.
Zach is a freshman.  A FRESHMAN.
Katie is in third grade.  THIRD GR-ok, ok, you get the point…  Third grade’s not so bad.

My boys are in High School.  Where I was, just yesterday!  Man, when my mom said that time goes by so quickly once they start school she wasn’t kidding.

I remember saying that a kid’s junior year in high school is like their last “good” year (for the parents).  Because after this, it will be “Oh, this is the last ___________.”  Welp, here we are!

I’m trying to be a big girl here, so just bear with me. Winking smile

SO, what does every parent do on the first day of school??  Yes, we take pictures.  I mean, my parents did it to me so now I HAVE to do it to my children.  That’s just the way the world works.

Katie is happy to oblige…of course.  The boys, well, not so much.  Check this out:  

The caption for the photo could be:

“And Miss Katie is happily sending her two big brothers off to prison for the rest of their lives.”


Good grief.  Again, I had to threaten to follow them into the school to get their first-day-of-school pictures if they didn’t take them for me at the house.  Needless to say, they opted to take them at home.

I kept snapping, hoping to get one of the boys to crack a smile.  I even told them that I wouldn’t put them on Facebook-which I totally did.  Should’ve smiled boys!

2012-08-22 002

Nope.  Nothing.


So I just took more pictures of Katie Smile 2012-08-22 0021

Just before we all got in our separate cars (first time for THAT on the first day of school-wahhhh!), they felt sorry enough for me that I finally got smiles from my sweet, sweet boys.


I am so proud of this picture that I may just put it on the school website and blow it up poster-size and hang it around the house. 

Have an awesome day, guys. Smile

And go ahead and smile!



Deborah said...

Love every part of this post! The boys are hilarious in the "non-smiling" photos. Your daughter is a adorable (and obviously camera shy. Ha!) You are definitely blessed. Btw, I'm a new reader of your blog. Found you through Instagram (#shereadstruth). May God bless your day.

Enjoy your alone time...