Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School ~ Twenty Twelve

Well, it’s here…

Another FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  <----- I really tried to type that sentence with an exclamation point but it just didn’t feel right.  I’m not a fan of sending my kids back to school…I like them here.  With me.  All the time.  Forever and ever.

Well, ok, maybe not forever and ever [a Momma needs her quiet time, too], but MOST of the time yes.  This Momma bird likes all her chicks in the nest.  I know it won’t stay this way forever and the kids going back to school is another stark reminder of that. 

Tyler is a junior.  Let me repeat, A JUNIOR.
Zach is a freshman.  A FRESHMAN.
Katie is in third grade.  THIRD GR-ok, ok, you get the point…  Third grade’s not so bad.

My boys are in High School.  Where I was, just yesterday!  Man, when my mom said that time goes by so quickly once they start school she wasn’t kidding.

I remember saying that a kid’s junior year in high school is like their last “good” year (for the parents).  Because after this, it will be “Oh, this is the last ___________.”  Welp, here we are!

I’m trying to be a big girl here, so just bear with me. Winking smile

SO, what does every parent do on the first day of school??  Yes, we take pictures.  I mean, my parents did it to me so now I HAVE to do it to my children.  That’s just the way the world works.

Katie is happy to oblige…of course.  The boys, well, not so much.  Check this out:  

The caption for the photo could be:

“And Miss Katie is happily sending her two big brothers off to prison for the rest of their lives.”


Good grief.  Again, I had to threaten to follow them into the school to get their first-day-of-school pictures if they didn’t take them for me at the house.  Needless to say, they opted to take them at home.

I kept snapping, hoping to get one of the boys to crack a smile.  I even told them that I wouldn’t put them on Facebook-which I totally did.  Should’ve smiled boys!

2012-08-22 002

Nope.  Nothing.


So I just took more pictures of Katie Smile 2012-08-22 0021

Just before we all got in our separate cars (first time for THAT on the first day of school-wahhhh!), they felt sorry enough for me that I finally got smiles from my sweet, sweet boys.


I am so proud of this picture that I may just put it on the school website and blow it up poster-size and hang it around the house. 

Have an awesome day, guys. Smile

And go ahead and smile!


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Deborah said...

Love every part of this post! The boys are hilarious in the "non-smiling" photos. Your daughter is a adorable (and obviously camera shy. Ha!) You are definitely blessed. Btw, I'm a new reader of your blog. Found you through Instagram (#shereadstruth). May God bless your day.

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