Friday, August 24, 2012

Back On Schedule

Twas the first week of school and by Friday everybody looked like this-


Actually, this was taken Wednesday after the first day.  Little princess was completely wiped out!  She dozed off from the grocery store to home…which is about 5 minutes or less! 

The boys are no different, except they have to get up even earlier to get to the school for Cross Country practice.  You know they love that.  *insert LOTS of sarcasm here*  So they are extra tired. 

No rest for the weary around here, though!  The boys have their first fall season baseball game this afternoon, about an hour away.  And it’s back to being HOT outside.  Joy.  I actually really love watching my boys play ball on the same team, but I am not a fan of this ridiculous heat we have had this summer.  It was beautiful for a week or so, and now it’s back to 100 in the afternoons.  Blech. 


I surprised myself this morning during my workout and did 8 miles.  I had not intended to go that far, but it just felt good so I went with it.  I’ve been taking it pretty slow as I ease back into a running routine…but fast or slow, I don’t care.  Running is running.  And I love it.

With all the school-stuff happening on Wednesday, I forgot to share with you my #SheReadsTruth journal for the day.  Well here is DAY 15-


Proverbs is SO FULL of wisdom.  It’s little bits and pieces of good advice and lessons.  I find something every day to make me think, pray about, and store in my heart. 

I am not getting my quiet time in the morning like I was during the summer since the kids are all getting up earlier, so I've gotten just a day or so behind.  But I’m catching up as soon as this post goes up.  It just took me a couple days to figure out how our mornings are going to go around here!  But I’m on it now!

Have a most fabulous Friday everyone!



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