Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Catch-Up

Hey Monday!  Nice to see ya!  Eh, not really…trying to be positive here. 

Did you have a good weekend?  Do anything fun??

We didn’t have a whole lot planned, but somehow we were kept very busy.  


The boys had their first baseball game on Friday.  IT WAS A WINNER!!!  Tyler pitched the 23-0 blowout and Zach had timely hits and some amazing catches in the outfield.  So proud of my boys!  I love having them both on the same team. 

2012-08-27 001

2012-08-27 0011

We had a family reunion planned for all day Saturday on the river, and it looked like it was going to be a nice day for it [according to the weather forecasts].  Turned out that we actually got rained out not even thirty minutes after getting there.  We waited it out as long as we could under the canopies in the boats but finally just called it quits and packed up and headed home. 

Yesterday morning I got in 8-miles before church.  It wasn’t fun.  I wasn’t really feeling it.  Nothing hurt, just lacking motivation I guess. 

Now THIS MORNING’S run was fabulous!  I put in another 8-miler…just because it felt AWESOME.  My times were close to the same, but today it just felt effortless where yesterday was clearly not.  It clearly shows in my heart rate charts- 2012-08-27_1111heartratesunday


Definitely could tell I was in the zone today.  That one dip just after 40 minutes was when my hubs called me, other than that it was pretty steady.  Average HR for Sunday was 166 and for Monday (today) was 170.



I have also got caught up on my #SheReadsTruth devotions from the Proverbs study-

DAY 16-IMG_4514


DAY 17-IMG_4523

Are you joining in?  I am not only reading some beautiful Scripture, but also finding verses that are ACTIVELY applying to me.  I love that. 

More baseball for us today!  Bring it, Bulldogs!

A very important person in my whole entire life is dealing with breast cancer and is scheduled to have her double mastectomy this Wednesday…would you please keep her in your prayers?  She has always been like a second mom to me, and now she is my sister.  Oh how I hate this disease. 

Please get your mammograms, do your breast self-exams, and be your own advocate.  Nobody knows your body better than you. 

Love you guys.



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