Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Refreshing


Tis Saturday.  Finally.  Hallelujah.


Woke up to sunshine and MUCH cooler temps than we’ve had in MONTHS!  And it was beautiful…so refreshing. 

It really made me want to get up and head outside for a RUN, but since I was able to start slowly running this week I didn’t want to push it.  Plus my right thigh (femur bone) is all of a sudden aching…ughhhhhhh.  I have no idea.  My healing stress fracture in my fibula (that I’ve been off of for 8-weeks) feels good, but the femur, which I haven’t had problems with since last December/January and SHOULD be well healed by now, is acting up.  I could scream.  Or hit something.  Or both.


On to today’s devotion from #SheReadsTruth …Proverbs, Chapter 6-


And I really liked the cartoon…heeheeWinking smile

Have a good Saturday, friends.

Don’t forget to check your breasts, ladies!! 


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