Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Slight Return To Sanity

Hey y’all…Smile IMG_4278

I hope your Wednesday is going well today!  So far this has been a pretty good week, with one exception (which I will get into in a minute). 

Katie and I made it back to church on Sunday (which always starts the week out on the right note!), I have made serious progress in my office (i.e.-my desk), we are enjoying cooler-than-normal temps around here, and I’m including running back into my workout regimen! 

My stress fracture in my fibula feels good, and the femur ache is come and go…and seems to be kept at bay by not running every day.  So while I’m doing a lot of the same kickboxing, strength training, DVDs, no impact cardio, stuff I’ve been doing for the past two months, I’m also including 7% incline walks on the treadmill and an easy jog every now and then. 

A slight return to sanity. Smile

We have been rockin’ and rollin’ with the #SheReadsTruth girls in the Proverbs.  Today is Day 10, but really, who’s counting?!  You can pick up, join in, or read any Scripture at any time.  She Reads Truth is just a community of Christ’s daughters joining together in His Word and loving each other and focusing on HIM.  Simple.  And beautiful.

Here are my past few days:
DAY 7-   IMG_4291

DAY 8- IMG_4309

DAY 9- IMG_4322

DAY 10- IMG_4346


In other news,

  • I went and checked the boys’ high school schedules yesterday since school starts next Wednesday.
  • I registered Tyler to take the ACT again, in October.
  • In cleaning up my desk, I have been attempting to update my payroll program on my computer.  I am now stuck somewhere between hitting my head on the desk in frustration and throwing my computer away and starting over.
  • We spent a gorgeous afternoon on the river the other day. Just the 5 of us, just the way I like it. Much needed.

So now on to what makes this NOT such a great week…  Jack’s cousin, Laura, passed away on Monday.  She leaves behind a husband, children, and grandchildren.  Yet another life taken way too soon by cancer.  Breast cancer, to be specific.  I hate it.  It hits way too close to home for me and I can’t help but let my mind wander.  It sucks.  Cancer sucks. 

BUT, you know what doesn’t suck?  The fact that I KNOW that Laura is dancing in Heaven right now, pain free, and having the most wonderful reunion with her parents and others who have gone before her.  I KNOW that.  And that is what makes this just a tad more bearable.

Please say a prayer for Laura’s family, if you would.

And please, please, please, if you don’t do anything else today…

Check yourself.  Schedule your mammogram if it’s time.  Be proactive.  You could be saving your own life.




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