Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spending Our Time

Almost a week has gone by since I’ve updated…imagine that. Winking smile

Sometimes I wish I had more time for blogging; more time to spend writing posts with great links to articles I read regarding breast cancer and workouts I find, more time to share with you the different ways I feel God’s presence in my life on a daily basis, and more time to show you the ins-and-outs of the new recipes I find and how my family likes them (or not, haha!).

But there really isn’t any TIME for that…you want to know why?  Because I am out LIVING.  Praise God!  I am out spending my time with my kids and my handsome husband.  I am trying to spend my 86,400 seconds in each day wisely and with the people I love.


That is something that us cancer survivors face on a daily basis.  The uncertainty of not knowing exactly what our futures look like.  Will I still be here next month?  Next year??  I honestly don’t know.  But I want to tell you TWO THINGS that snap me out of this way of thinking (mostly) when I am consumed by these thoughts:

  1. NOT ONE of us knows what the future holds.  Tomorrow is not promised to ANY of us.  Not just cancer patients, but everybody. 
  2. I KNOW who holds the future.  I rest in knowing that my Jesus is alive and is still in the business of performing miracles.  He is still the same as yesterday, today, and will be TOMORROW.  He is not startled by anything and already knows what our future holds, and I rest in that.

So while I don’t have any links to the [few] articles I’ve read this week about different advancements in breast cancer, or any of the new recipes I’ve tried (thank you Pinterest), I DO have some great pics of us from the past week [Hello Cardinals game!!!] and of course, my #SheReadsTruth journals to share. 



2012-08-21 002

2012-08-21 0021


Scary headline: Attempted kidnapping of a local runner.2012-08-21_1321


Working on it: !!!!!



DAY 11-IMG_4363

DAY 12- IMG_4385

DAY 13- IMG_4445

DAY 14- IMG_4460


School starts tomorrow.  Tears of sorrow for summer ending and my “babies” getting so much bigger.  But smiles abound for the people they are becoming.  May God watch over and protect all the students and teachers returning to school here tomorrow.

Love y’all!


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