Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Usual Busy-ness

Well goodness, how’s it going.  Welcome Wednesday! 

It’s been a full week since I’ve updated.  Imagine that. Winking smile

I honestly don’t even know where to start when I think about all that’s been going on around here!  Nothing major, just the usual busy-ness!

I’ll try to hit the high points.

We’ve had a couple of good baseball WINS! Mom-of-the-year here didn’t take any pictures, though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it-my boys were there, and they were awesome.

My friend, Jenna, from Eat, Live, Run had her first BOOK PUBLISHED and it came in the mail the other day!!  Of course, the first thing I did was read the whole thing cover to cover and then proceeded to make one of the recipes.  Delish!!  



I got to snuggle with this little Princess…daughter of my BFF.  She is perfect.  And whoever got her the UnderArmour outfit has GREAT taste. Winking smile 



I’ve gotten a couple more days into the Proverbs study on #SheReadsTruth.  Love every verse and morsel of wisdom.

Day 19- IMG_4672

DAY 20- IMG_4676

DAY 21- IMG_4683

DAY 22- IMG_4698


I hit my post-injury distance high on Sunday morning before church!  10 MILES!!!!!  I am pumped!



I went with Tyler for my first OUTSIDE post-injury run!  My, how this boy loves to take pictures.  He has a beautiful smile, and it cost us a butt-load so he should show it once in awhile!  I had a great (and extremely sweaty) 5 mile run…it felt amazing!!



Zachary got a MUCH NEEDED haircut.  We seriously have not had one spare minute when the barber shop is open to get his hair cut.  Here’s proof of how bad he needed one!



Andddd, one more new development-I now have THREE kids running Cross Country!  Katie has started running in the morning with her brothers.  Yes, they start early.  Yes, this is my same daughter that absolutely HATES early mornings.  And now she has about 4 days/week of it.  It really does put things on a time crunch in the morning (mainly because she’d rather lay down and take a nap when get back home instead of showering and getting ready for school), but she does love it and it was all her idea…so okay!  And BTW-she’s pretty fast. Winking smile 

And I’m pretty proud of my kiddos. Open-mouthed smile

Have an awesome rest of your Wednesday!



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