I’ve Gone Insane

Have I lost my mind?  Quite possibly some days.

Have I gone insane??  Definitely.

Welcome the newest challenge-


Oh yes.  I did it.  And I’m actually pretty excited about it! 

I know, I know…  Excited for a workout program to kick my butt and challenge me in a new and different way??  Yes, and it’s the NEW AND DIFFERENT that has me excited! 

I have been struggling with injuries due to treatment from my breast cancer and all the running that I love, love, love to do.  I have been so aggravated with my treatment-induced menopause and all the body issues that come with it…at age 34 mind you. 

SO, when a couple good friends of mine did the Insanity program, my interest was piqued.  I like that there is a program and a plan for each day, and the workout is all laid out for you.  I like that the workouts aren’t mega-long and drawn out…I don’t have time for that.  And I love that it is something new for me.  Hopefully something to challenge my body (and my mind) and get me out of the workout rut that I’ve been in for awhile. 

So yes, I’m excited!

Now I’m working on my hubby…I want him to do it with me!!!!  I think it would be fun, and we could push each other in the workouts!  Maybe he will…I’m still working on him though…Winking smile

All that said, today was DAY ONE!


Day one is the Fit Test.  It is done every couple of weeks of the 60-day program.  I think it’s a neat idea to be able to repeat it and see my progress as I go along.  I also got on the treadmill for a 4 mile run.  Well, 3.5 mile run and .5 mile incline walk.  Holy sweat.  Endorphin city!

Here are my Fit Test Results for Day One-

2012-09-06 001

Can’t wait to see all the improvements over the next few weeks!

In other news-

Today’s is the boys’ first Cross Country meet.  It is supposed to be extremely warm out.  Poor guys and gals running this afternoon.  Of course they run in the hottest part of the day.  AND my boys had baseball practice at 5am this morning!  They are going to be exhausted tonight.

The Proverbs study at shereadstruth.com continues!

DAY 23-IMG_4709

DAY 24- IMG_4720

Have a most marvelous day, guys.



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