Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everybody Runs

Running, running everywhere! 

No, literally, RUNNING! 

Yesterday was Cross Country meet #3 for the boys and the first one for Katie.  It was our local meet, too, so it was so nice to be 5 minutes from home versus an hour!  Check out my runners!

2012-09-19 0021

2012-09-19 0022

2012-09-19 0023


And just because I want to fit in with the cool kids, I’ll throw in my run from this morningWinking smile

2012-09-20 001


And because Momma has all the cool gadgets-


Today was a rest day from Insanity.  Obviously.  I’m loving it, by the way.  I retake the Fit Test tomorrow so I’m curious to see (feel?) how I’ve improved.

Alrighty, enough running for today.  Time for laundry, some bookwork, and baseball later!


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