Halfway Through The Week!

Hey there!  What’s been goin’ on??

I am happy to report that, in the past week:

Insanity hasn’t killed me (yet),

I now have a 17-year old son,

Katie is brace-less, and

I am halfway through this crazy, crazy week!


I’ll take it. Smile

And while each of these above things really need a post of their own, that’s just not going to happen.  Imagine that.  Let’s hit the high points, shall we?

INSANITY- LOVE it!  I’ll say it again…love it!  I am feeling more coordinated with the moves and getting in a better rhythm with the workouts.  I am feeling challenged in a completely different way, which is exactly what I was looking for.    



TYLER IS SEVENTEEN.  Oh my gosh, my CHILD is now the same age as I was when I HAD HIM.  Goodness gracious I have no clue where the time has gone.  I mean, seriously, when I look at him I still see this little guy-

2012-04-22 0012

So cute I cannot stand it.  I really can’t even dwell on it for too long, because it’s just overwhelming.  I’m trying to be a big girl…I’m just not very good at it.

Right now we are enjoying the heck out of our ornery seventeen-year-old-

2012-09-12 0012 

NO BRACE!!  Katie’s checkup Monday in STL went well.  The dr did new x-rays, the first since surgery, and everything looks great!  There is lots of new bone building around the fracture site and he expects the actual fracture line to be much less noticeable when we go back in six-weeks.  Yay!  And today Katie made Dr. Goldfarb a special card and a picture.  Sweet girl of mine. Smile

2012-09-12 001


OUR CRAZY WORLD OF SPORTS.  This week we have three baseball games and a cross country meet to go along with two different trips to dr’s appointments in STL…and of course none of our games OR meets are at home this week, we are traveling all stinking week!  Yep, we’re just doing our part to stimulate the economy by way of fuel consumption.  Sheesh.

2012-09-12 0011


#SHEREADSTRUTH is coming down to the end of the Proverbs study.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been blessed by this study and this group of ladies.  I pray that His Words will be stored in my heart.

DAY 25-IMG_4761

DAY 26-IMG_4840

DAY 27-IMG_4932


I think that’s about it.  Ha!  No way, but since this post is already epically LONG, I think I’ll go.  I WILL share ONE MORE picture with you before I go, though…  IMG_4848

Love you guys.



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