Friday, October 29, 2010


Hellooooo all!  Happy Friday to ya!  My day is going pretty smooth, albeit kinda lazy…that’s what you get with the kids being out of school today.  Hope yours is going well, too.Smile

I was so excited yesterday when I picked up the mail to see my ebay order arrived!  I’ve never been so excited over a $2.99 item in my life!  But seriously, I think it makes my car beam with pride…check it out!

September10 012 

Oh yes!  My 26.2 magnet to represent that a MARATHON MAMA drives this baby, complete with A PINK RIBBON!  I slapped it on proudly.  It was a good addition to this,

September10 013 

I made the comment the other day about not wanting my ride to get too gaudy-ied up.  To which my hubby replied, “Too late.”  HeeheeWinking smile  But he really doesn’t care…he’s a pretty good guy.

Like I said, the kids were out of school today and so after going go my parents’ to use their TM, I spent the rest of the day at my desk catching up on bookwork.  I hate catch-up days…boo.  And I’m such a procrastinator about it, too.  I just let it all pile up until what I REALLY want to do is just close the door and forget about it. 

But, yeah, that probably wouldn’t be a good idea since the things I’m avoiding are things like bills, taxes, employees’ paychecks…yeah, wouldn’t be good.  So I tackled it head on.  And now I’m exhausted, mentally.

Tonight is fairly low-key, as I have been working on finishing my signs for Trunk or Treat for tomorrow night.  We are promoting our Upward Sports that is starting soon, so I incorporated the cheerleading part into my trunk!  I honestly can’t think of anything better than serving God through Cheerleading!  It’s like my dream fulfilled! upwardcheer2

One more thing I wanted to share with you.  A friend shared this with me on Facebook recently and I have watched it over and over.  It is called “Stepping Into The Ring” and it is SO POWERFUL.  It is a performance that hits so close to home, and by the time it is over I’m ready to stand up and kick box the heck out of something, preferably cancer.  Watch it.  You’ll be glad you did. 

I’m not responsible if you march straight out to buy a pair of boxing gloves.Winking smile

And can I just repeat,


Now, go hit something.

Love y’all


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