Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Goings On

I SOOOOOOO wanted to write a post last night, but after getting in from STL around 730 then going to pick up the kids at Jack’s parents’ house, there was only time to shuttle kids off to bath and bed.  Well…shuttle KATIE off to bath and bed, the boys can pretty much do all that themselves;-)

Tuesday night was PINK NIGHT at the Jr. High Basketball Game.  The fans, coaches, and players all showed show much spirit and came out in their PINK to support BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!  There were cheerleaders with pink bows in their hair and pink shoelaces, boy ballplayers with pink armbands with the pink ribbon on them, girl ballplayers with hot pink knee socks, coaches with pink shirts, and many many fans proudly donning their pink.  It was great.  I told a friend that it looked like someone had spilled a bottle of Pepto Bismol all over the gym!

Yes, it was THAT cool.September10 041

September10 038  September10 032

September10 051 

Wednesday, was our day in STL.  I had an appointment with a dermatologist, which went great, and then we headed to spend the day with friends…at the dr’s office and the treatment center.  I will tell you that there are no stronger bonds formed than at your oncologist’s office. 

It was my honor to finally meet Maggie and be with her as she  Pink Sisterhoodstarts this part of her journey.  And after yesterday I am fully convinced that she is going march right on through breast cancer.  She did great, and is doing great today.  AND she will be great tomorrow.  She is a total rockstar and I am so proud of her.  GO MAGS!!!  LOVE YOU SISTER!!maggiechemo


On the wall at Siteman St. Peters,September10 011 

And the excitement never ends around our house as Tyler got his Driver’s Permit this afternoon!!!!

He was all smiles after the test!  I can’t believe my baby’s driving…wahhhhhhh…..;-) September10 014

This is enough to make any mother’s heart jump.  Notice I am in the backseat.  No worries, Jack was upfront…he’s braver than me;-)  September10 016

We are off to another ballgame tonight!  It’s the last regular season game for the Jr. High Bulldogs before their tournaments start in a week or so.  Maybe we’ll go out with a win!

Have a restful evening y’all!


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Keri said...

The impact you are having on lives all around you is just astounding!! I so love that you have taken something that was meant to take you down and have used it as a platform to give God the glory He deserves and to be a support system to others. If I ever got the diagnosis you did, you would be the first person I would call.

And then I would jump on a plane and come visit you and INSIST that you take me to your cabin. heehee

Love it and love you!! And, by the way, I can't believe how long your hair is getting!!! It looks so good!

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