Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Race 2010

September10 018Well Happy Sunday, friends!  I haven’t posted since Friday because Tiff and I have been SO BUSY preparing for our

Lending A Hand Fund

NO RULES RIVER RACE!September10 017  Their were 13 teams that participated and each team was made up of 3-6 people.  The teams were bussed a couple miles up river where, when the horn sounded, they took off and had to get their raft, paddles, and lifejackets (if they wanted) and it was NO RULES to the finish line. 

The teams really went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine, even several dressing up and decorating their rafts!September10 007 September10 008  

And the COMPETITION!  Oh vey!  There were two groups of high school and jr high boys who I’m sure were going for bragging rights come tomorrow morning at school, and the group of teachers sporting mohawk wigs who actually didn’t go to “race” at all, just took a cooler and enjoyed some quality downtime;-)  Everyone made it their own, and it was fabulous.  September10 039   September10 041

September10 042 September10 043

We had a very clear winner in the Laceycakes team.  Lacey (who is my dearest childhood friend/neighbor), her son Wyatt, and her parents won the race without indulging in any sabotage that I noticed, which was impressive!  Oh, and Laceycakes, if you’re wondering, is the name of the most fabulous gourmet cupcakes you will ever put in your mouth.  AND she sold mini cupcakes at the event, and gave Lending A Hand all the profits!!!  Yes, she is amazing.    September10 025September10 067

I cannot brag enough about the high school/jr high kids who came out and supported us yesterday.  They could have been doing absolutely anything else, but chose to come and give their time and money to help local cancer patients.  And yes, a couple of them are mine, but that’s ok;-)  You boys rock!September10 046  September10 049 September10 011 September10 047

So it was an amazing day and in total the proceeds from the team registration, the donation admission, the fish fry, and the t-shirt sales, we raised a total of $5000 for cancer patients here in Van Buren!!!!!!  We are totally stoked, obvi. 

We are so proud of our little community and the wonderful people who continue to support us and just give and give and give for those who are dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. 

Here are a few more pics from the first annual River Race…OH AND YES, WITH TEAMS ALREADY FORMING FOR NEXT YEAR, THERE WILL BE A SECOND!September10 004

September10 064   September10 051

September10 053   September10 055 September10 058 September10 006

September10 060

September10 069 Be Blessed, friends<3


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Denise said...

That's awesome how much was raised!! Mom said she was there for a bit before heading this way and that there was a great turnout.
Congrats! And send a congrats to Tiff from me as well! You guys are doing a great thing! :)

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