Sunday, October 10, 2010

Startin’ Off Right

Happy Sunday, friends!  I am feeling fab-u-lous after my 15 mile run this morning!  It was a beautiful morning and I shed my jacket after mile 4 and enjoyed the cool air.  So nice.  I heart fall.

For the first time this morning I did something a little different on my long run.  I listened to an audio book instead of my usual tunes.  I listened to Beth Moore’s Get Out Of That Pit, which I bought in hard copy a year or so ago but never finished.  It went so great!  I just got lost in listening and thinking, and the miles just flew by.  Just the way I like it;-)

Here’s the splits

MILE 1 9:30
MILE 2 9:14
MILE 3 8:56
MILE 4 9:07
MILE 5 9:02
MILE 6 9:13
MILE 7 9:00
MILE 8 8:59
MILE 9 9:09
MILE 10 8:36  Wow!
MILE 11 8:50
MILE 12 8:42
  :37  <--- 1/2 Mary Time 1:57:50
MILE 14 8:40
MILE 15 9:33


TIME: 2:15:42


So yeah it was a great start to the day.  And the day didn’t slow down any after that.  We went to church for the last of our “30 Days To Live” series…I’m sad it’s over:-(  I have really been enjoying it.  Then after coming home to watch the COLTS WIN!!!!, we headed to PB for a meeting, dinner, and groceries.  Now we are finally home and trying to get kids in bed but a certain little princess keeps asking for

“one more snack, Mom…”

And of course she gets it.  The child has an 830 bedtime through the week and I don’t think she has EVER been to bed at 830!  Ha!  Oh well…I’ll pick my battles.  If she just wasn’t so darn cute;-)

Well, it’s been a great start to the week.  Here’s to a week of more of the same.


“Promise me you’ll always remember

you’re BRAVER than you believe,

and STRONGER than you seem,

and SMARTER than you think.”

-Christopher Robin to Pooh

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