Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting’ It Done

Hello guys, and Happy Wednesday! 

Today there are a few things on my mind and things I need to do:

  1. Maggie’s 2nd chemo treatment in STL…wish I could be there.  But I know my prayers travel much farther than I could ever go, so I’m sending lots of those!
  2. My mother-in-law is having her colonoscopy, after much nagging and insisting by my hubby.  Praying for an easy test and a perfect, er, colon?!
  3. Only one more day of school left this week for the kids, because they have Friday off.  (This is always helpful when they are dragging around in the mornings, “Remember, you have Friday to sleep in!”)
  4. I need to finish getting my stuff together for Trunk or Treat, which is this Saturday.  Upward Cheerleading trunk here we come!
  5. We have AWESOME shirts designed for our next Lending A Hand Fund’s fundraiser!  Black Out Night at a high school ballgame in January??  Yes, and YES!!  Ready to start taking orders for the big night!
  6. Laundry…ugh.  I had all the laundry done until my boys were told to pick up their rooms.  I don’t even know how they had clean clothes to wear at ALL…because by the looks of the ‘dirty pile’ everything they own is in there!  So now I have a few loads to keep me busy…thanks boys.  Mama loves you <3
  7. I’m thinking of trying a new crockpot lasagna recipe for dinner tonight.  Shhh, don’t let my family hear the words “new recipe,” it doesn’t always work out the way I hope and I think they tire of being the guinea pigs.Winking smile
  8. I really need to mop the kitchen floor today…

My to-do list is growing the more I think about it, so maybe I should stop!

On another note, when I was visiting Jacki’s blog the other day, I followed her lead and decided to write a letter to cancer.  You can view my letter, and thousands of others, here.  You can also write your own, if you’d like.  I thought it was interesting, and kinda cool.

Alright guys, I’m off to tackle the LIST above…wish me luck!


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