Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catch-Up Sunday

Ok, ok, so I know that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted…and dang!  I was doing so well, too!  I was on a posting roll there for awhile.  Hmm.  Well, here goes againWinking smile

September10 015To recap the past few days:

  • Thursday – I was invited to speak at a Women of Worship event at First Baptist Church, Poplar Bluff.  It was an evening full of hope, chocolate, and most of all THE LORD.  I felt His presence in the room from the very start as my nerves were calmed and many new friends came to welcome me.  It was a fabulous night, and I am so honored to have been a part of it.  Thank you, Jesus, for joining us 150+ women as we fellowshipped and lifted Your Name in praise!  I was certainly blessed by the evening. 
  • Friday – I had a great run outside, surprising myself as I hit 31 miles for the week, in the week following my first marathon!  Whoa.  I didn’t expect to get back into it that fast, but at the same time, it’s really hard for me to take it easy…as I’m sure you’ve noticed.Winking smile The kids only had a half day of school Friday, and it was so nice to have them all at home.  Even though Katie declared more than once, “I wish I was still at SCHOOL!  Then I wouldn’t be so BORED!”  Well, at least I know she likes it.
  • Saturday – We spent the day playing catch up on things.  We went to one of Jack’s jobsites first so that he could meet with the homeowner and go over some things.  Then we headed on to PB and had lunch, made a quick grocery run, and then started the search for new bedroom stuff for Katie.  Headboard/footboard, mattress/box springs, and a new dresser will all be hers later this week.  Maybe THEN she will sleep in her own bed. *please, please*  And I know what you’re thinking…don’t judgeWinking smile  We caught up on our family time on Saturday night, with all of us here, under one roof, with nothing on the calendar, and had some downtime.  We missed a great ministry opportunity through our church, which I feel very bad about missing, but home family time has to fit in there too.
  • AND, today…Sunday – We went to church this morning, and had a great lesson in living LIFE passionately.  LOVE passionately, live with INTEGRITY, FORGIVE others, and have ENTHUSIASM.  Period.  Sometimes as Christians we think we’re not supposed to have any fun…WRONG!  God doesn’t want to take away any of our fun, He just wants to be a part of it! 

September10 018I followed up church with a run/walk outside.  It was hot (yes, in October!), and I had just eaten lunch ---> sick stomach, and the gnats were really bothering me today.  It just wasn’t good.  But, some of them are like that…you win some, you lose some.  But the highlight of the afternoon was Jack bringing Katie to me to run the last mile.  I didn’t think I could go anymore, but she kept me going, for sure!  All she wanted to do was to run with Mommy so I gutted out one more mile just for us girls. Smile

September10 011After some sister time with Jessa, and some precious nephew time with Brayden (who is doing GREAT by the way, thanks for the prayers!), all time spent at mom and dad's, we are now back home and ready to settle in for the night.  Another busy week starts tomorrow!  On the schedule are Conference AND District Cross Country meets, BRL Jr. High Basketball Tourney, parent/teacher conferences, and Trunk or Treat at church.  Whew!  September10 012

Have a great week, friends!


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