Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Epic Eighteen

I’m not sure if I’m feeling the whole “epic” part of my run this morning, other than the whole I-just-ran-18-miles!!!! part.  My knees are feelin’ it a little.  I iced them for an hour and now they are red and numb.  But yeah, it still makes me feel like a rockstar to ice my knees;-)

It was freezing this morning when I took off!  Like, 35* freezing!  I bundled up, but was shedding layers each time I ran by my car.  No worries…I stopped before I was totally naked.  The temp was up to 60 by the time I was finished!  No wonder!

Here’s this morning’s splits:

MILE 1 9:31
MILE 2 9:08
MILE 3 9:18
MILE 4 9:05
MILE 5 9:10
MILE 6 9:03
MILE 7 9:10
MILE 8 9:10
MILE 9 9:19
MILE 10 9:45
MILE 11 9:08
MILE 12 9:41
MILE 13 9:49
MILE 14 10:40
MILE 15 10:06
MILE 16 10:41
MILE 17 11:02
MILE 18 10:22


TIME:  2:54:16

PACE:  9:40/MILE

Woop woop!!  Yeah I’ve got the runner’s high working right now!  Soon to followed by the runner’s crash, I do believe, because I am sleeepppyyy.  BUT no nap for me today!  Zachary has an away ballgame and we are leaving right after school.  Say a little prayer for a Bulldog win tonight if you think about it, will ya? 

Yes, I know God cares;-)

Bless their little hearts, they are 1-7, and it’s so hard to see them get down on themselves.  They are SUCH a talented group of boys, it just hasn’t come together for them yet I guess:-(  And our coach is an uber-talented first year coach; the young man and has an amazing rapport with the boys…my boys both think the world of him.  I am thoroughly impressed with his coaching and am praying for quick adjustments on all fronts.  And can I just say that I believe God sent him here for a reason.

Ok, that is all today.  I have GOT to go find a caffeine source of some kind before I go to pick up kids! 

Love y’all!



Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Congrats on the run! I recently iced my knees after a 15k (my longest distance in a long time) and it did make me feel special, haha. You are a rockstar! :)

Keri said...

You are a running rock star!!! G is on a football team that has lost every single game. It just stinks for those boys, but the coaches have done a good job keeping everyone's spirits up! All that good influence is more valuable than a Win, right?

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