Monday, November 1, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Good Monday Morning!  I hope your weekend was as full of happiness as mine was!  Seriously, I am REALLY hoping that for you!!

We started with the District Cross Country Meet on Saturday morning.  Both boys and girls teams ran, the top two teams qualifying for the State Meet next weekend.  AND BOTH OUR BOYS AND GIRLS DID!  The girls snagged 2nd place, while the boys came in 1st!  Way to go!!  They all did so great…I just love watching running events…can you imagine?? Winking smile

Ready, Set, Go!  Actually, it’s more official that that…there’s a start gun that’s used, but “Ready, Set, Go” is better in type than “Bang!”

September10 018


September10 022


September10 027

Saturday night we did our annual Trunk or Treat at church, and it was a huge success!  There were soooo many people!  It was awesome!  Our church sits right in the middle of town and to see the parking lot so full of parents and kids enjoying themselves is a beautiful thing.  It’s become a tradition that I look forward to, and am so thankful for it.  Only God could take a holiday like Halloween and use it for HIS GLORY!  Yeah, He’s pretty good like that.SmileTRUNKORTREAT2010

After it was over, we took Katie trick or treating in town.  We left from the church and headed out in search of the good stuff! 

I was reminded, yet again, what I love about living here as we made our way through the same back streets that I walked as a child.  Going house to house, with most residents sitting on their front porch, enjoying seeing all the little ghosts and goblins.  You can practically see the whole town as you walk up and down side streets…adults and children, strollers and trucks with trailers…it is so easy and simple.  And wonderful.  I have to smile when I think that my children’s childhood memories of Halloween are going to be the same as mine.

September10 028

Sunday was filled with some of my favorite things:

  • Church
  • Fall weather
  • 8 mile run
  • Dinner at Mom and Dad’s
  • Family time Smile

September10 042

September10 033

September10 034

September10 046

September10 055

September10 059

September10 052

Oh!  And how cute are these bagels that my Mom picked up at Panera!  Bagels for the cure, anyone?!  I’m kind of bummed that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over.Sad smileSeptember10 043

Have a happy start to your week, friends!

Be blessed.


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Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, love all of the pictures :) I love the bagels too!!!


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