Sunday, November 14, 2010

Under One Roof

Today was such a GREAT DAY!!  Want to know why???

--------> I got all my guys back today!!!!!

You probably never even knew they were gone, for safety’s sake of course, but Katie and I certainly did!  We’ve been missing our boys something fierce!  At one point in the last week and a half, Katie said, I even missing Daddy’s snoring, and Tyler and Zach fighting with me!  Yes, that’s when you know it’s pitiful!  But I’m not gonna lie, I kinda missed his snoring, too. Winking smile

The reason for the absence of Jack, Tyler, and Zachary, was a very special hunting trip that has been in the works for over a year.  This was Jack’s third trip to Colorado, Tyler’s second, and Zachary’s, my Dad’s, and my sister’s husband, Brett’s, first trip.  What a crew!

So loaded down with extra warm clothes, plenty of long johns, boots, junk snack foods, and the boys’ homework, they drove to Colorado in search of the mighty elk.




And they found them.  My successful hunters came back with hundreds of pounds of meat, that will probably feed our family all winter.  Well, at least everybody but this vegetarian. Winking smile  While I’m a little sensitive to it, I can certainly respect and appreciate their love for the sport.  They all had a great time.  And as Zachary’s English paper states, “I will remember this trip for the rest of my life.” 




November10 046

November10 047

I was so excited to see them pull into the driveway last night!  Oh I couldn’t hardly WAIT to wrap my arms around my boys!!!  And they didn’t disappoint…they were running to me – all THREE of them! – as soon as they had the truck in park.  There is nothing like being separated for a little while to make you appreciate your family being together! 

They even brought me a “little” present upon their arrival:November10 031

Um, yeah.  And that’s not even close to being all of the dirty laundry.  This is just one small-ish mountain.  It was ridiculous the amount of dirty clothes they had! I had to hold my nose while loading the sock and underwear pile…OMGosh, it was RANK!  Oh my.  There are no words.

But at least he humored me by wearing this shirt while he was gone:

November10 032

Aww, how sweet right? 

Look closer:

November10 033

Yep.  He’s a keeper…even with a smarty-pants shirt.

Love you!!


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