Monday, November 15, 2010

Laundry Hangover

Howdy all Smile

You will be happy to know that I have survived the trek up and down laundry mountain and I am now safely back at ground level. 

Ground level = 7 loads washed, dried, put away + one more load lingering in the dryer just waiting it’s turn.  I highly suspect that it will be waiting in there for a little while longer.  I think I have a slight laundry hangover. 

On another very happy note, I slept last night!  Woo Hoo!  I don’t sleep much at all.  Between hot flashes, night sweats, and just general restlessness, I rarely wake up feeling like I actually rested.  But this morning I did!  I felt very refreshed…Thank you Lord. 

I felt so good, in fact, that I went to parents’ house and did a half-marathon on their treadmill!  Woop Woop!  And a PR to boot!  Now, I don’t “officially” count this as a PR because it was on the ‘mill, but I was pretty stoked with 1:54:08!!!  This was a GREAT way to start my week!


I will be running on the treadmill all week due to the fact that it’s deer season here, and I really don’t want to be mistaken for Bambi, or his mom or dad.  A friend who lives in a wooded area here actually had a bullet come through her house yesterday morning!  Scary!!!  It went through her shower and four walls.  OMGosh, that’s just ridiculously frightening.

At the moment I am dealing with a semi-headache and drinking water in case it’s a dehydration thing, while trying to decide what to make for dinner.  Not a great combo but it must be done.  The kids go back to school tomorrow after having today off…it’s worked out great because both boys have been doing homework all day, trying to catch up.

I’m going to put the technology away for tonight and enjoy my evening, I hope you have a good evening too.

Be blessed.


Everything can change in the blink of an eye…but don’t worry, God doesn’t blink. – from our pastor’s sermon yesterday.  LOVE IT! 

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Jen said...

By tomorrow I think I will have the same laundry hangover! I have no idea how 3 kids and 2 adults produce so much laundry, it's crazy!!! Ya know, my Mom has an elliptical, I never thought of heading over there to use that monster, great idea!!!
Holy scary on the bullet coming through the house, that's really scary!!!!


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