Sunday, November 21, 2010

Journey Through A Checkup

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall THANK HIM.”  Psalm 28:7

When I noticed that my last post was last Monday (EEK!), I hurried up and decided to do this post tonight instead of tomorrow so it wouldn’t be considered a WEEK since I last posted.  Ha!  But I know…it’s still been too long.

But it’s continuously crazy around this busy house…do I get points for crazy?!

ThanksWinking smile

The highlight since my last post HAS to be that I had another 3-month checkup with my oncologist (and friend!) on Friday in STL.  In case you’re interested, here’s how a checkup day goes:

THIS is where I start getting nervous.  No matter how many times I’ve been down this highway (and trust me, it’s a LOT), when I see the Kingshighway sign I get a huge knot in my stomach.  It’s funny, though, because at Siteman is where I feel the safest and most protected, yet I have such an unsettling reaction, too, at first.  Weird.  November10 005

As I can start to see the hospital, I start shifting a little in my seat.  But at least it’s daytime.  The first time Tiff and Colby took us to Siteman, we went at night.  As we drove this very stretch of the road, all I could see were these pretty lamp posts all lit up, lining the way to Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Siteman Cancer Center.  My path.  I have never been so unsettled and scared in my life.  I had no idea what my future held.  If I allow myself to think about it too long, my stomach will start to hurt.  It is for this reason that I will only go to STL in the evening/nighttime if I absolutely have to.  One glimpse of this road at night and I’m right back to that night 2 years ago.

November10 006

November10 014

November10 023

Here is the first sign for the Center for Advanced Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center.  We’re almost there.

November10 024

November10 025

And here we are!  We are pulling into the valet/drop off area.  November10 026 

We have always valet parked our car…can I just say that I LOVE that my doctors’ offices have valet parking?!  It was super nice during treatments because it was 100% covered, well all but the $2 fee anyway.  But don’t forget to get your ticket validated!  

November10 027

Once inside CAM, we head up to the 5th floor to the breast health center, which is where Dr. Julie is located.  However, today we are not there to see her, but to visit Maggie and her Mom who are there with an appointment.  Friend meet up!  Pink Sisters Unite!!

November10 028

November10 029

After our visit we go to Siteman, which is located on the 7th floor.  This is where the oncologists’ offices are and the treatment center.  Siteman also has it’s own Labs and Pharmacy here.  This was always so nice during treatment to have everything right here.  But no treatment for me today!  While waiting to see Dr. Tim, I take time to post a little note of encouragement. Smile  I hope it makes whoever finds it smile.

November10 030

First up is labs.  They do blood work at every visit.  Looks like I’m anticipating the worst!  Ha!  I actually didn’t feel a single thing.  These people are good!

November10 075

Ok, all smiles now!  Blood being drawn and we are on our way.

November10 076

Me and my love!  Killing time in the waiting room.  We also struck up a conversation with several other people there; it is one of my favorite times when I’m at the doctor.  I actually look forward to it.  I’m telling you, it is like therapy for me to be with other cancer patients.  I get so much joy from telling the lady sitting across from me that she’s going to be fine, and that her treatment isn’t near as bad as she expects.  It makes me thank God for using me in this way. 

November10 077

All gowned up and no where to go!  But seriously, how many times have I heard the words, “Put this gown on, please, opening in the front.”  Um yeah.  Got it.  This is a drill I know well.  At one point early in treatment, I remember telling Jack, “There is no one in this building that hasn’t seen me topless.”  It’s kind of like after childbirth, you lose all modesty. Winking smile  Except on this blog…sorry, but this is where I leave you!

November10 079

And we’re done!!  Clean bill of health, and a great checkup!  This picture turned out pretty blurry, but I liked it so I put it in anyway.  There is nothing like walking out of Siteman feeling healthier than when you walk in!  All nerves are gone, this is one happy girl right here. Open-mouthed smile

November10 080

So another checkup is in the books.  We spent the evening with friends Tim and Heather having dinner at Mosaic Modern Fusion, talking and laughing the evening away.  The perfect way to end the day!

Enjoy the start to your week tomorrow.  Wake up and smile because it’s a short work/school week for most of us!  And don’t forget to take the time to remember all our blessings.

Love you!!


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Glad you had a good checkup! Thanks for sharing your story, I am always inspired by you :) I took that Joshua verse and put it on my Facebook, that's a good one!

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